Alligator covers both alligators and crocodiles These creatures can grow up to four hundred kilos and around four meters of reptilian power. There are always rumors of them living in the sewers of big cities. Or vacationing there when visiting relatives. Whatever might bring them there, it’s best not to be near them and their massively powerful jaws. How powerful? While you can bite at maybe two hundred newtons, a crocodile’s bite is a tremendously scary 16,460 newtons.
[table]B |A |R |S |W |L |I |C |EDG |ESS
8 |5 |4 |9 |1 |1 |2 |2 |3 |6[/table]
Initiative 6 + 1D6
Movement x2/x6/+4
Condition Monitor 14/9
Limits Physical 10, Mental 2, Social 4
Armor 6
Skills Perception 4, Sneaking 4, Tracking 4, Unarmed Combat 4
Powers Armor (6), Enhanced Senses (Smell), Natural Weapon (Bite, DV (STR+2)P, AP –2), Toughness (2)

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