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  • aria

    October 14, 2019 at 8:24 am

    [Friday, Early, June 10th, 2078; 119 Avenue Victor Hugo, 16th Arrondissment, Paris]

    Isaint, Becky and Batshit momentarily had time to take stock of their situation in the abrupt lull. The sounds of battle dimly filtered down from the fifth floor and they were conscious that at least two of their companions were still inside facing whatever was in there. If there was any sign of pursuit or a drawing off of enemy forces there wasn’t any sign of it yet…but then only a few seconds had elapsed since they hit the building


    Ex-G took in the scene in a matter of moments…the ritual seemed to have ended prematurely, which was just as well as it had removed the astral barrier surrounding it, but as they hadn’t been particularly subtle in their entrance the three waiting mages didn’t seem overly shocked to see him. The three were as disparate as any group of mages, although the rumpled corp chic was common to all of them. The one nearest to Ex-G was a manicured troll who even in the tall ceilinged room looked like he might need a respirator due to the altitude. The staff he held pulsed with magic to Ex-G’s othersight.

    A ponderously fat human squeaked as Ex-G burst in and promptly turned himself invisible whilst the last, a dwarven female of indeterminate age looked scornful at the intrusion, particularly when the lightning started flowing but washed up against her prodigious spell defences…

    The artefact itself was being held aloft in the centre of the circle by a spinning vortex of air maintained by an elemental spirit of considerable power.

    Once more the air stank of ozone as Ex-G let rip with the force of un-nature, only to have his spells either miss or be ground out completely by the defensive magics of the foe…



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