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  • electric_muppet

    October 14, 2019 at 1:17 pm

    “if you two rush that monster and just dick him about, keep him busy; I can ride the lift and get behind him shoot the shit out of him. or bust the door” she gabbled. As she babbled she got that feeling again just like she had had at the Silks house.
    Her eyes narrowed and she pulled out her hand cannon, her diminutive size made it seem even more brobdinagian
    “Ali Ali oxen free mother fracker, come on show yourself to auntie Bronwean” she slowly scanned the garden “come on where are you litter fracker?”
    The change from Excitable little girl to predatory killer was as marked as it was chilling. Caring little batshit cold ly methodically looking for a kill.

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