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  • adamu

    October 14, 2019 at 1:27 pm

    Watching the front of the building from where he was parked, engine running, a block away across the street, not much was happening.

    On a window in his windscreen HUD, he watched the camera feed from the Diabolus positioned at the rear of the building. He had the pick-up directed at the target window, and while the front door was being cut away, the upper-floor rear entrance was literally annihilated by a flying church bell. The crash must have been terrific, but of course Al couldn’t hear it over the psychobilly he had cranked up in the cab of his van. At ground level, he also saw Batshit appear and then the door get cut open. They’d only be in there a few seconds, but these things did tend to go quickly.

    Sighing, he started inching his Bulldog out of his parking space – not enough to impede traffic, but enough to give him an edge off the starting blocks when the bad guys’ reinforcements showed up – he had a sneaking suspicion that his role was going to morph from exfiltration to interdiction.

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