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  • beta

    October 14, 2019 at 5:46 pm

    @Aria: I finally cracked open various real and virtual books …. and concluded that Zag would stick with Jack’s plan of just grabbing the artifact.

    Zag is more or less trying to tackle it out of mid-air, and if I understand the layout of things properly this would result in him landing over by the maes if he succeeds. However I’m not quite sure what roll to make here (or even if he can touch it or if magical defenses will repel him so that it doesn’t matter). Gymnastics? Unarmed combat? Strength+Body? The first two are 13 dice and the third is 17, and I’m pre-edging, so I’ll roll 18 dice and 4 separately, and let you figure out what to do with that.

    [url=]tackle artifact 13d[/url]: 18d6h5 9
    [url=]and maybe 4 more[/url]: 4d6h5 1

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