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  • beta

    October 14, 2019 at 6:11 pm

    The bayonet wasn’t too hard to find. It — or at least something that looked like a sword with a couple bolts on the handle, that was presumably a bayonet — was in a sheath in a wooden box on the table in the lodge room. AM’s Watcher confirmed that it was magical.

    The other was a little more frustrating. Bobby eventually found an oil painting of a woman holding a baby under Ceasar’s socks. However the Watcher didn’t seem to think it was anything of note, and when Bobby checked the astral himself it seemed mundane to him as well. But this was just a canvas, without a frame. Bobby might not have been an expert on art but that seemed odd, so he kept looking.

    He eventually found a poorly disguised compartment in the table, containing the frame and some hand-written notes that looked like they’d been cut out of a notebook (in what he thought was Spanish). The frame didn’t seem magical to him or the Watcher, however there was something to how it was constructed of of three layers of wood that made him think of ritual more than artistry.

    Neither he nor the Watcher could find anything else magical in the room.

    The half dozen sheets of paper, if he wanted to take them, were easy enough to shove into a pocket. However the bayonet was about half a meter long in total. The oil painting was a little smaller than the sheets of paper and he wasn’t sure if rolling it up would damage it, and the frame looked like it had indeed originaly fit around the outside of the painting, being a bit larger than the sheets of paper and about 3cm thick.

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