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  • aria

    October 15, 2019 at 6:46 am

    [Friday, Early, June 10th, 2078; 119 Avenue Victor Hugo, 16th Arrondissment, Paris]

    As Zag made for the elemental in the centre of the magic circle he was treated to the dreadful sound of an Ares Alpha discharging on full auto in his general direction…or at least that’s what it felt like. The dwarf spasmed as the multiple shock rounds impacted on her chest and she dropped to the ground flopping like a landed fish, the troll fell to one knee, sparks dripping from him like rain but it was clear to Ex-G that he too was going to take no further interest in this fight…

    The same could not be said for the cyborg that crashed back in to the apartment behind them and silently charged towards Ex-G his spurs already beginning to swing up towards Ex-G’s back…

    As Zag reached to grab the artefact the air around him became charged once more and the elemental seemed to suck up the power that Ex-G had unleashed and wrap it around itself. Now Zag was left with the dilemma of stealing himself for some pain or finding some other way to wrest the rapidly heating stone from the mini storm in front of him.


    To those on the ground the muted roar of autofire was unmistakable over the general sounds of the city around them. That was going to draw the police like nothing else could, in fact the wail of approaching sirens could already be heard and it was likely that drones and spirits would be on the scene even faster than that.

    Something big moved in the garden amongst the darkened trees, vaguely the size of a troll but something about its movement suggested a satyr, something like the Beast in that old Disney flic…



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