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  • aria

    October 15, 2019 at 6:47 am

    @Adamu: minor point on your last IC, Batshit was around the back of the building and I’m pretty sure Isaint and Becky went that way rather than cutting the front door to pieces… of course you have a nice vid feed of the whole thing from someone…!



    Becky & Isaint run like rabbits!
    Ex-G 29: Lightning Bolt F9: 7 hits, 9P(e) -9 AP – destroyed spectacularly
    Guard 24 14: Full Def, heads back towards the apartment
    Zag ??: unarmed 6 hits, 12P 0AP – destroyed slightly less spectacularly 😛

    Ex-G 19: triple F9 lightning bolts (ouch!)
    Zag ??: charge forward??
    Troll 9: Commands air spirit to protect the artefact
    Fatman 8: Invisibility Fc6 4 hits, no drain
    Dwarf F 8: Mana Barrier spell Fc8, 5 hits, no drain

    Ex-G 9: Full auto on mages with SnS, 4 hits troll 1 hit dwarf def -4 10S(e) -5AP, both down

    Ex-G ??:
    Zag ??:
    Fc 8 Air 26: energy aura, touching it will cause damage
    Guard 28 18: Full Def charge Ex-G
    Fatman 6: command water spirit to attack Ex-G

    Fc 9 Water 19: Assuming Ex-G is still dual??, charge in astral, otherwise materialise and attack in 3.3

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