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  • beta

    February 5, 2018 at 9:01 am

    Obi, in the BoS OOC you wrote:

    You are absolutely right, go to Profile. Top right corner is the cog icon. Click on it and select My Account then Web Notification Tab.
    or simply use this link:

    However that does not seem to currently be the case. That is, when I click on “Profile” I get a page with my racoon pic, my name, below which is a dark bar with (on the left) links for “about” and “messages” and below that my registration date. And that is it — no cog wheel in the top right now. Clicking on the ‘messages’ link does take me to my messages, the ‘about’ link takes me to that same page. In the header the little drop down menu in the top right gives me ‘Beta’, ‘edit profile’, and ‘log out’ options. Beta and edit profile both take me to the screen that lists the rooms.

    Your direct link in the quote above does, however, still work. People can use that to tune down how many notifications they get.