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  • jack_spade

    May 11, 2018 at 2:28 pm

    Statting Cyberzombies is pretty easy: Take a baseline human with 4 in every Attribute:
    Give them four cyber limbs with 9 STR and 9 AGI, Reaction Enhancers 3 and Wired Reflexes 3 for a total of 4+6= 10 to REA and 4d6 Ini
    Suprathyroid gland for +1 to Body and Adrenaline Pump 3 for +3 to WIL, Pain Editor for +1 to WIL and -1 to INT, INT Enhancement +2
    Skill Wires 6 and a generic +3 bonus for various combinations of implanted helpers for a total of 18 dice in combat.
    Innate Armor is 18 (Cybertorso+4 limbs+Titanium Bone Lacing)+ regular FBA 18+ 3 Bone Lacing Body + Body 5 = 44 Soak

    Ini: 15+4d6
    Defense: 15
    Full Defense: 23
    Soak: 44
    Attack: 18
    Unarmed Melee Damage (Cyber Spur): 12P AP-2
    Drawback: They need to be online at all times (which is the usual precaution against them going rogue)

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