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    May 11, 2018 at 3:09 pm

    Thursday November 5th, 2076; NeoNet Black Cyberclinic, North Downtown, Seattle Metroplex

    Alyce looks in on her patient, who is still under from the sedation and checks her med record before typing in a short message to the girl. >>I have done all I can possibly do to save your fragging ass and now the rest is up to you, girl. Use all of your anger, all of your fear, and all of your willpower to stay alive. I am leaving to see if we can finish what you started. I have the information you saved, but please contact me if you think of something that would be of particular interest. I will do my best to come see you when I am done, and I expect to share some really expensive alcohol with you. Stay alive, Pepper…………….Alyce Krait.<<

    She stops off to thank the doctor and his staff then walks out to where Al is waiting at the vehicle. “Alright, I have done all I can here. Let’s go find somewhere to hide out and rest. I will continue to look over the data I have.” After buckling in, Alyce pulls up the data from Pepper and continues her evaluation of what happened to the other team.


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