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  • mercy

    May 11, 2018 at 3:36 pm

    Evening, August 28, 3113 BC; On board the Theran Vedette, Somewhere on the shores of the Theran Sea

    Sian sheathes her blade then struggles to a standing position, using her left arm to cradle her badly injured right arm. She watches as Vindariel stumbles in her direction and moves to intercept him, feeling the now-familiar void that surrounds her companion as she twists her body to receive the impact while trying to protect her nearly severed right arm. The plan almost works. Vindariel’s body slams into her, his momentum mostly broken by the vampire’s body, but the force of the impact thrusts her right arm into the side of the vessel. While very painful in itself, the impact forces her arm, now exposed due to the cuts in her clothing, onto the wooden planks of the bulkhead, bringing soft scream from Sian’s lips as her flesh touches the wood that she is so allergic to.

    She bends over in agony, almost going to her knees, but twists to move the exposed arm from the offending wood. There are tears in her eyes when she looks up at Vindariel. “Are we done here? I can still smell the blood from deeper in the ship. We need to finish this, if we can.”


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