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  • mercy

    April 17, 2020 at 11:58 pm

    Magwen and the other women from the village seem disappointed that Cynthia is not allowed to partake of the feast, but Claudia and Sandy try to make up for it. There is a lot of talk and Cynthia is given all the juice she wants. Claudia nods when Cynthia mentions Doc Winston. “Sure thing. I can ask him about adding to his staff or if he has other ideas. It would not hurt to have some sort of medical person at each of our major sites, right?”

    Jacques nods sympathetically. “We will do all we can to get you out of here on time. It might take a day or two to get those lists to you, if that is alright?”


  • Imladir

    April 18, 2020 at 12:02 pm

    [Cynthia Rawson – 08:20, Sunday June 16th, Swamp, Serenity, Cajun Town, Seattle] #1235

    “We’ll need some people formed to handle emergencies if they happen, at least long enough for someone competent to arrive, that’s for sure.” Cynthia shrugged. “I’m not sure it’d need to be a full nurse, much less a doctor however. Though that depends on how many people there are of course, but I doubt it’d be that many. Maybe we could offer some first response training or something. Something to talk about with Doc Winston I suppose.”

    She readily agreed with Jacques. “Of course, take the time you need. We won’t move faster than you do anyway, we have a lot of things to consider before we do much of anything. Well, except for those immediate needs of yours of course, but no matter what, we won’t move until you’re ready.” As she remembered something, she added, “Just note that we might not be at the house next week, we have things to deal with in New York.” Or that was the plan anyway, “But if that happens you can always leave those lists in the hands of someone there and they’ll make sure we get it.”

  • mercy

    April 20, 2020 at 4:45 pm

    Claudia nods and looks thoughtful for a bit. “I think emergency care would be good, so perhaps some good first aid training and some medkits would be a nice start.”

    Jacques looks interested. “New York? Whoee, the big city, eh? I have heard about some of the things that go on out there, so you three please stay careful. heavens only knows what would become of us all if something happened to even one of you.”


  • Imladir

    April 20, 2020 at 9:50 pm

    [Cynthia Rawson – 09:20, Sunday June 16th, Swamp, Serenity, Cajun Town, Seattle] #1236

    Cynthia laughed a bit awkwardly, grumbling something about New York not being more dangerous than Seattle recently. Plus, they would only be after one assassin instead of a host of them, mafia lieutenants and other even less savory individuals. It’d almost feel like vacations… Right? And that was assuming they found anything of course: it hadn’t been long since Maria Struthers had been killed, but… Not only it had been a hit and run which definitely wasn’t the easiest thing to solve, they didn’t exactly know many people in that city. Maybe she could ask Stanley Sergeant? He had spent time working in Denver, but maybe he knew a few people in the New York office? It was definitely something to keep in mind anyway.

    “Don’t worry, we’ll be safe, and we’ve taken some precautions.” Hell, that was exactly why her next stop was to receive armours and weapons. Granted, that had been planned for Bogotá and not New York so the weapons would most likely have to stay in Seattle, but they would definitely be able to use the armours. And it wasn’t like they were exactly new at this whole ‘stick your nose where others don’t want to see it‘ business, right? Still… “That being said, we can always take some precautions…” She grimaced, “Making a will would feel perfectly silly, but…” She shrugged, “If it can help…”

  • mercy

    April 21, 2020 at 5:12 pm

    Jacques shakes his head. “A will? Probably a good idea, that. Just be safe and you will not need one, right?”

    Magwen shows up with some containers. “Here are some left overs for you to eat later. Just have cook warm them up a bit. She will know what to do.”


  • Imladir

    April 21, 2020 at 8:50 pm

    [Cynthia Rawson – 09:20, Sunday June 16th, Swamp, Serenity, Cajun Town, Seattle] #1237

    Cynthia grumbled under her breath, asking how many seventeen years old girls needed to make a will. She wasn’t even sure she could make one for that matter. Though she supposed she could always talk to Richard Gardner, he would probably know how to proceed. Plus, it wasn’t like it would be terribly complicated anyway, she didn’t own all that much.

    The girl smiled brightly when Magwen came to offer her a few containers of food. “Thank you! I will.” After a brief second spent to smell the boxes, a couple more to regret it when her tummy rumbled in protest, she added, “And don’t hesitate to come by the house if you have ideas you want to share or anything. We’re out more often than in, but that shouldn’t be too much of an issue.”

  • mercy

    April 23, 2020 at 11:09 am

    Cynthia Rawson – 09:25, Sunday June 16th, Swamp, Serenity, Cajun Town, Seattle

    The farewells take almost as long as the welcomes, but the group is back in the small boats soon after the meal. Promises have been made to increase the contact between the swamp and the house and it seems that everyone is smiling. The trip back through the swamp is pretty much a repeat of earlier and the small group is eventually back at the docks and the collection of huts.


  • Imladir

    April 23, 2020 at 4:18 pm

    [Cynthia Rawson – 09:25, Sunday June 16th, Swamp, Serenity, Cajun Town, Seattle] #1238

    Once ashore, Cynthia’s relief was quite obvious. Goodbyes were said, she added for Claudia and Sandy, “Well… It looks like we’ve got our work cut out for us. At least we won’t get bored…” She took a moment to look at the sky as she thought about it. “Good thing we don’t need to have everything ready by tomorrow. That being said…” She looked at the other two, “I suppose it wouldn’t hurt to think about what you both want to do for all that, if anything. Like accounting & finance, public relations & marketing, governance… Just on the House side or with the Corporation… All that stuff.”

    Obviously not expecting an answer right now – it was too soon to decide anything after all – Cynthia looked around for the horses. “For now though, we’d best get going. We have a girl to collect and bring to your doc’,” she looked at Sandy, “To get her ears fixed. I hope James didn’t forget about us…” Not that she was eager to get back on Cinnamon, but… It would certainly be faster than walking to the house.

  • mercy

    May 2, 2020 at 11:48 am

    Sandy looks over at Claudia then back to Cynthia. “I guess we should look at that sort of thing. I hate all of this just happening like it was some sort of dream. It feels like we should be doing something to give back. There should be some way that we can be of use, after all, we do have skills, right?”

    The horses can be heard before they are seen. James comes around the corner of one of the buildings, leading the mounts. He nods to the three women and helps them get on the horses as needed. “Nice visit, I trust? You timed it pretty much perfectly for us to get back to the House.”


  • Imladir

    May 4, 2020 at 6:45 pm

    [Cynthia Rawson – 10:30, Sunday June 16th, Serenity, Cajun Town, Seattle] #1238

    Cynthia nodded. “And we can learn new ones.” Which was exactly what she had done by taking a few business lessons and was considering taking a few others in management or communication. “As long as we don’t do things we don’t like, I’m sure it’ll be fine. I mean, we can always recruit people to do the stuff we don’t like. Plus, the locals are not the only ones who have to decide how far they want to go, we also have to see what our limits are. I mean… Building a whole corporation sounds exciting to me,” She smiled, “but I’d perfectly understand if you wouldn’t want that.”

    “Ha, thank you James,” said the young elf when the man arrived, “It didn’t have much to do with us to be honest, but just in time indeed.” She got reacquainted with Cinnamon and mounted, still a bit gingerly and particularly carefully. “We’ll have to postpone the visit of Amos’s domain, but it was certainly enlightening. And have you seen the crocs?”

    On the way back to the house, Cynthia chatted excitedly about all of it – while grumbling about how hungry she was, and how inhuman such a treatment was. Back at the house, she looked up to see if Rob Lee and his daughter had arrived.

  • mercy

    May 7, 2020 at 10:59 am

    If the chattering can be believed, both Claudia and Sandy seem very interested in the efforts to form the corporation. Ideas are bounced back and forth during the ride back to the House.

    James nods at the decision to postpone the visit to Amos. “Life out here will carry on, Miss Cynthia. I am sure that he will understand that you are very busy right now. Besides, it gives him more time to prepare better.”

    Rob Lee and his daughter are sitting on the porch when Cynthia and the others arrive back at the House. They stand and Rob Lee moves to assist the three women in dismounting. “I hope that the trip was good.”


  • Imladir

    May 8, 2020 at 3:43 am

    [Cynthia Rawson – 10:30, Sunday June 16th, Serenity, Cajun Town, Seattle] #1239

    Cynthia was pleased to see that the idea seemed as interesting to her girlfriends as it was to her. Oh, she would have gone forward anyway – probably – but it would have been much less fun. And more complicated too. Speaking of complicated, she had no idea how they would find the money to do everything. Though… Now that she thought about it… Mark Franklin had manipulated the stock market for the Grand Marquis, right? If she remembered correctly, he had made something around eighty million… And the money had disappeared since the Grand Marquis still hadn’t been paid.

    If she could find that money… Not only she’d have everything she needed to modernize everything and create whatever plants needed to be set up and start the corporation – assuming she found a way to launder everything since it would probably get a lot of attention… – but it could also make things difficult for both Mark and the Grand Marquis which was a pretty good point by itself…

    That was definitely something she was going to dig into. Hell, even if she got merely a part of it, it could help her achieve both goals easily enough. “Uh yes.” She nodded, a bit late, at James. “I suppose that’s true.”

    At the house, Cynthia was pleased to see both Rob Lee and his daughter, perfectly aware that it was not an inconsiderable leap of faith they were both taking. “Well, we definitely found more than we were expecting.” A bit wryly, she added, “You’d think we’re used to it by now…” The young elf shook her head, “The corporation idea I briefly mentioned before might be even more of a good idea than I thought it would. Anyway, I’m glad to see both of you. Give us a few minutes to get changed and we’ll be on our way okay?” She was careful to look at the young girl when she said that in order to let her read it on her lips.

  • mercy

    May 8, 2020 at 12:26 pm

    Rob Lee smiles at Cynthia when he notices that she is including his daughter in the conversation. The girl turns to her father and signs a bit with her hands. Her father looks from his daughter back to Cynthia. “She is a bit nervous but is also very excited. I still do not really know how we will be able to repay you for this kindness.”


  • Imladir

    May 8, 2020 at 5:51 pm

    [Cynthia Rawson – 10:30, Sunday June 16th, Serenity, Cajun Town, Seattle] #1240

    Cynthia shook her head. “Don’t worry about it.” After a second, she added, “I’m not going to say it’s nothing, I… Well, I can’t say I imagine the change it’d be for you, both of you, but I know it’s a lot. But to me, it’s something pretty simple to do and not particularly expensive.” Hell, she probably had made more than it’d cost going to the swamp, and that was purely from passive income.

    She lifted a hand, “I’m not saying it’s free, but it’s nothing you have to worry about.” With a shrug, she continued, “We’ve been talking about setting up a sort of clinic, health insurance policy and all that for people working for Serenity and their families, you can just count that as an advance on it. So as long as you do your job, you won’t owe me anything. Just make sure she gets the education she deserves.” Cynthia stopped, frowning, then glanced at Claudia and Sandy. “Have we talked about a school yet? That’d be something to consider too…”

    She frowned for a moment, then shook her head. “Well, we’ll see. And remember, I’m pretty sure it’ll be straightforward to fix. I mean, I can’t imagine what would make that impossible to fix, but, at the same time, as long as it’s not done keep in mind that it’s always a possibility, as unlikely as it is. We’ll know when the doctor has given her diagnostic, not before.”

  • mercy

    May 13, 2020 at 3:45 pm

    Both Rob Lee and his daughter nod and promise to work as hard as necessary to repay the debt they still feel is owed.

    Sandy gives a surprised sound when Cynthia talks about schools. “No, now that you mention it. I don’t think we have thought about opening a school here. Hmm, I could talk to someone to see what that would take.”


  • Imladir

    May 14, 2020 at 8:53 am

    [Cynthia Rawson – 10:30, Sunday June 16th, Serenity, Cajun Town, Seattle] #1241

    “Alright then. Well, let us get changed, then we’ll take care of this. Shouldn’t take long but feel free to come inside.” Cynthia seemed about to open her mouth, but she stopped, grinned and said, “I’d offer you to get a snack, but that wouldn’t be a good idea right now. We’ll have to get something big for lunch.”

    With a smile, Cynthia went inside then upstairs to change into clothes she go could in town with, idly checking a few things on the matrix while she was at it, starting with looking if MM had a concert planned in the evening: since they were leaving for New York pretty soon, unless MM’s next concerts were there, tonight might be their last chance in a while to take advantage of the VIP passes they had. Not that she cared all that much, but with both Claudia and Sandy being fans…

    She soon went back down once that was done. To Pierre – or Alana, whichever of the two she found first – she said, “Alright, we’re going. We’re probably going to be back late afternoon, I’m not quite sure yet but we’ll let you know as soon as we do.”

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