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  • aria

    May 22, 2017 at 7:24 am

    Tuesday, 26 November, 11:34; Storage unit under Alaska Way viaduct, Downtown, Seattle Metroplex

    Whilst the others debated the merits of starting a war on a second front, and thankfully seeming to come to the conclusion that the Triads were enough of a target, Glo put in a message to Silk

    >>Have you had a chance to look over the Shadowland dump for anything that could help me? It is unfortunate that your initial intel was bad, but it now seems like that might have been planted in part of an internal struggle between the three lieutenants of the 88s so I’m not going to ask for a refund

    >>All my intel comes with a verification assessment, if you choose to act on unverified data then you can’t say I didn’t warn you. I know you’re frustrated, I have my eyes and ears to the ground hunting for him. In the meantime I have got some information about your mysterious Triad moll. It seems she’s both a socialite and professional thief so what the hell she is doing with the 88s is a mystery I would pay for. Lady Tanya Masirat, the data file I have on her is attached. I will continue to trawl the intel you got from the casino. Good hunting, I will let you know if I find anything more.

    And so Glo turned back to Lady Tanya’s earlier query that she hadn’t answered

    “I’m looking for a Doctor Carlos Martinez. He’s somewhere here in Seattle and my intel said that he was meeting your boss to sell him a programme. That was why I was in your servers and why I need to look at those of your rivals. If they knew enough to plant the intel about the programme one at least must have the information I want.”

  • mercy

    May 22, 2017 at 1:24 pm

    Tanya turns to Glo as she talks and nods. “Carlos Martinez. Got it. I will begin looking for him. Did you have any indication that Fu Shing was the 88 lieutenant that was involved in this sale? If so, I could use that information to my advantage. My guess is that my predecessor in my position would have been involved in something like that as it has been proved that he was in the pay of Fu Shing’s enemies, but I am afraid that I killed him to get his job and not even the highly efficient Mister Jan could be expected to get any answers from him at this point. I do, however have access to his ‘link and will begin looking back through that to see if I can find anything. May I ask what sort of program was being sold?”

    Tanya hesitates then turns to include the others in the conversation. “Listen, I do not think that Fu Shing is involved in either setting the hit on you or in buying this program, but it may turn out that I am wrong. After all, I have not been trolling the upper echelons of the organization for long and there may be hidden agendas I am not aware of yet. Even if this turns out to be the case, I believe that I can still be useful to you. I have promised to get that hit lifted and I will do what I can to get this program back in Glo’s hands. All I ask in return is that you give me a chance to work within the Triad to accomplish my own agenda. For that to work, I need Fu Shing alive and in control of the 88s. Is this something we can agree to?”

    While waiting for the others to respond, she sends a message out to her decker friend. >>Hey, lover, got some additional information for you to look into. Please see if you can find out anything about a man by the name of Doctor Carlos Martinez. Apparently he is trying to shop some sort of program about and may have sold it to someone in the 88s. it is certainly possible that he might be looking for other buyers as well. Also, I am sending you the access code to a commlink I took off of my predecessor as Fu Shing’s right hand. Please look deep into it. It is possible that he has been uploading information to Fu Shing’s data bases that would incriminate him in something done by another lieutenant. Thanks. Call me when you get anything.<<

  • adamu

    May 23, 2017 at 3:50 pm

    Al was having trouble keeping up. He was clever enough – probably the smartest person in the galaxy, at least by his own reckoning – but keeping score was becoming tedious. He’d been drinking beer and watching trid long enough – now he wanted to get out and do something.

    “Fu Shing. Ding-a-ling. Make mine Ming. Killin’ one whoremonger’s as good as any other, I s’pose. All look the same ta me, though, so if’n I accidentally cap the wrong one, then so be it. Best keep the ones yer partial to outta the blamed firin’ line.”

    At this point, Al couldn’t even remember if Jan had ever told them what he’d learned. Well, the keeb liked to play things close, and Al couldn’t blame him with this bunch of freaks and misfits. Sometimes he wished he could find just one other person in this business that was nice and normal like himself. But what Jan knew probably didn’t matter – Triad Queen seemed to have a game plan all worked out. Hell, maybe she was even the naive do-gooder she said she was. Who knew?

    “So we figurin’ on a next move, or is ol’ Al takin’ a nap?”

  • jack_spade

    May 24, 2017 at 5:29 am

    [B]Tuesday, 26 November, 1136; storage unit under Alaska Way viaduct, Downtown, Seattle Metroplex[/B]

    “Hell yeah, my batteries are full, my backup done, I’m ready for action.
    If I remember correctly we want Ving Sun, Rick Wu’s favorite lieutenant. So let’s find him, kick the shit out of him and ask some questions.”

  • aria

    May 24, 2017 at 11:30 am

    Tuesday, 26 November, 11:36; Storage unit under Alaska Way viaduct, Downtown, Seattle Metroplex

    “That sounds like the beginnings of a plan at least. I have a data file from my infobroker which may have intel on where to track this man down…here, I will send it to you all, some of it makes for interesting reading, particularly in light of the stuff we gleaned from the 88s servers…”

    And to Tanya

    “You misunderstand, the programme is a training regime, one that should never have seen the light of day. I intend to bury the good doctor under it, and anyone who thinks to replicate it…”

  • mercy

    May 24, 2017 at 1:11 pm

    Tuesday, 26 November, 11:36; Storage unit under Alaska Way viaduct, Downtown, Seattle Metroplex

    Tanya is scrolling through the data she is receiving from her various sources and stops on one entry. “Hmmmm. We may be in luck. Ving Sung has called an emergency meeting of his ranking subordinates tonight at the Ivory Palace, his club in Chinatown. Apparently he is closing the club to the public for the night, which ought to limit any collateral casualties. He seems to be concerned about the lack of security at Fu Shing’s casino and has made an official offer to take over the daily operations there, just until Fu Shing is back on his feet, of course. He is gathering his soldiers together to work out the best way to expand into my boss’ territory. My guess is that Rick Wu has already green-lighted the takeover and that it will not be temporary.”

    As she looks around at the others, a ping on her internal ‘link lets her know that Cora Lee has sent her something. She smiles as she reads the message and sends another one back then looks over to where Glo is standing. “And something for you, as well, it seems. One of my people has picked up some information that might interest you. She describes it as a whisper and nothing more right now, but she is following up on it. What she has is a lead that a Yak lieutenant is sniffing about for potential buyers for some acquired papers being shopped by a Dr. Martinez, which jives with what you just told us. My contact is trying to verify the identity of the Yak as well as whether Martinez is involved. I will let you know what she finds out.”

  • mercy

    May 24, 2017 at 3:01 pm

    Tuesday, 26 November, 11:38; Storage unit under Alaska Way viaduct, Downtown, Seattle Metroplex

    While waiting to see what the rest of her ad hoc team wants to do, Tanya receives a message from Han Sing. She reads it through then sends a response back. After getting an acknowledgement of her orders, Tanya clears her throat and raises her hand. “I have just been informed that Rick Wu has announced that Ving Sung will be taking over the daily operations of the casino as of Saturday. He has directed that Fu Shing be present at a meeting tonight at the Ivory Palace to discuss the transition. Rick Wu’s message is that this is a temporary situation, something I do not believe. I have sent instructions to my subordinates that Fu Shing is to return to the hospital this afternoon due to medical complications from the assassination attempt and that I, as his representative offer to attend the meeting for him. I will detail most of my people to guard Fu Shing at the hospital, so could use a bit of back up. I think that we can use this as a means to verify Ving Sung’s intent and, through him, Rick Wu’s. I expect that Ving Sung will be more than happy to have me in his grasp and will try to kill me to weaken Fu Shing. Would you like to help me eliminate Ving Sung and his soldiers?”

    Tanya turns to Al. “By the way, since we all look alike I would like to show you what I look like as Song Ai, just to reduce the chance that you might mistake me for an enemy and kill me by accident. If you were to kill me, I would much prefer that you do it on purpose.” As she looks at Al, her facial features, eye color, breasts, hair length and color, and voice all change to that of a young Chinese woman. She looks around at the others as well. “This is who I will be tonight at the meeting. Please remember that I am your ally. Now any ideas as to how we get you inside to help me?”

  • adamu

    May 24, 2017 at 4:02 pm

    Al gave a low whistle of appreciation. “Neat trick – explains how a round-eye done got in with the Tongs. An’ here I thought they’d up an’ gone all pergressive on me.” He’d just laced his boots, but now he started undoing them again. “As fer gittin’ in, well, as Fu Yung’s reppersennative, ain’t ya entitled ta bodyguards? Tell ’em that with the attempt on yer boss ya brought in outside contractors fer yer personal pertection ta ensure security. Plan’s complicated o’ course by the fact we got a price on our heads with these folk – or at least some of ’em – but wouldn’t that jist stir the pot real nice, us showin’ up as the new girl’s body detail? Someone’ll tip they hand fer sure.”

    He lay back down on his cot and put his hands behind his head. “Or…whatever sorta plan suits ya. Either way, seems we ain’t movin’ till tonight, an’ the urban brawl quarterfinals’re jist gittin’ started out onna East Coast…”

  • mercy

    May 24, 2017 at 4:47 pm

    Tuesday, 26 November, 11:38; Storage unit under Alaska Way viaduct, Downtown, Seattle Metroplex

    Tanya nods. “I am a super fan of Urban Brawl. What is your favorite team? Mine is Seattle. They are on a roll this year and are playing in the second quarterfinal match tomorrow and I think they have a good chance of crushing Denver. We should have a chin wag some time after this is over and talk sports. I will be listening to the match so we can compare which ref made the worst calls. But for now, I need to leave. I have to put in an appearance and escort Fu Shing to the hospital then dress for the meeting at the Ivory Palace. I hope that you guys can come up with a plan that makes sense. I like the idea of using you as guards, but that seems a bit bare bones right now. Please talk among yourselves and let me know if that is what you want to do and what help you need from me to make it happen. I am a call away and you know how to get me. The meeting is set for 2100 so let me know something by about 1900.”

    She turns to look at Jan. “This should give you time to tell the others what you found out that you do not want to share with me. I am sorry if I helped bring about this feeling of distrust.”

    Looking at the others again, she adds, “I hope to see you tonight. Let me know if you decide to help me do this, otherwise I will go it solo. Ciao.”

    Before she leaves, Tanya changes her face and form to yet another body and face, this time a young man, then smiles and walks out of the container

  • adamu

    May 24, 2017 at 6:46 pm

    Tuesday, 26 November 2075, 1138; Storage unit under Alaska Way Viaduct, Downtown, Seattle Metroplex

    Forced by her final change to wonder which was the real “her”, Al resolved then and there to stop spending so much (or any) time looking at her caboose.

    Whatever its persuasion, (s)he did live life in a hurry. Al was left saying, “New Orleans Tombstones. I may live in Seattle, but…” until his voice trailed off against the closed door. He shrugged and turned on the match. “Well, there ya have it, folks. Looks like she warn’t none too fond o’ ol’ Al’s scheme, so I’ll leave it ta y’all to find somethin’ pleases ‘er.”

  • mercy

    May 24, 2017 at 7:08 pm

    Tuesday, 26 November, 11:38; Storage unit under Alaska Way viaduct, Downtown, Seattle Metroplex

    From outside the container comes the sound of Tanya’s racing bike firing up and pulling away. >>Team [Tanya]: I heard that. The Tombstones? Really? Their record until this year has sucked the big wazzoo. If they had not drafted that Cajun kid……..Claude Jene, right? If they had not drafted him they would be in the basement again, or near it. Good luck on your match. Let’s grab some beers and come up with the ultimate Urban Brawl team. By the way, I love your idea for being my guards. Lots of guts to pull that off, but I think it can work. See if you can get the others to sign up for it and work out some details. Call me and let me know what I can do to make it work.<<

  • aria

    May 25, 2017 at 7:04 am

    Tuesday, 26 November, 11:36; Storage unit under Alaska Way viaduct, Downtown, Seattle Metroplex

    Glo shook her head in disbelief…there was confidence and then there was wilful disregard for the realities of a situation…Urban Brawl…there was a reason she tended to work alone clearly, this group dynamic was the craziest thing she had ever seen. But if it assisted her in her goal then she was willing to give it a go, she owed them nothing and she had her own brand of confidence in her abilities to walk away if their actions screwed things completely.

    >>I prefer to work from the shadows and I believe I would be more effective there than in the open as a guard. Any info you have on the best way to penetrate the meet location would be helpful, or I can find my own way in…


  • mercy

    May 25, 2017 at 12:32 pm

    Tuesday, 26 November, 11:40; Heading to Chinatown, Seattle Metroplex

    Tanya receives Glo’s response and considers the options before sending two messages. >>Ni Ni Xiaolu [Tanya]: I need some information on the Ivory Palace and its security setup. Can you send me anything?<<

    >>Team [Tanya]: I can sympathize with the loner aspect, but this will probably go down easier if we work together. Obviously, I cannot force that from you. As to security or access points, unfortunately, I have never been inside the Ivory Palace and have no idea what its security situation is like. I am trying to get something for us, but I am not certain it will be in time. I would certainly expect a large number of soldiers there in addition to the normal security people. He will have twelve special security and up to fifty soldiers at his disposal, but based on who is setting this up, I would also expect a representative from Rick Wu to be there, along with several of his personal security. The 88s like tech, so I would think that there will be plenty of matrix surveillance and all of the special security guys are likely to be ‘wared up with reflex and agility mods at a minimum. I will give you what I get as I get it.<<

    Shaking her head, Tanya roars off towards Chinatown. The response from Ni Ni is quick. >>Tanya [Ni Ni]: And what makes you think that the Octagon has any information on the security setup of an 88s base? Cheeky git. Off the top of my head, I can send you the “registered” blueprints, but I would trust them only marginally. The exterior entrances should be correct, but there has been some interior work done over the years, some cosmetic for the tourists and some probably well concealed. All of my information is based on direct observation from people sent into the club as patrons. I will send you what I can of the known security forces and their electronic and matrix support. OK, sending now. Tanya, lover, is there something I should be concerned about? The buzz about the town is that Fu Shing is on the way out and Ving Sung is taking over his casino and much of his turf, with the rest divvied up between the other lieutenants. You are pretty heavily into Fu Shing’s apparatus so are probably in great danger. It sounds like our plan is beginning to come together, so what help do you need from me?<<

    Tanya smiles at the concern from her friend and lover. >>Ni Ni [Tanya]: Thank you for the information and the concern. This is all working into our plans for restructuring the Triads in Seattle. What I need the most right now, though, is information. Anything you might have on Ving Sung and his club will be helpful. I expect the next step will be Rick Wu, so any information on his residence will also be very helpful for that phase. After that, it is your turn. Will you be able to bring the Octagon onboard as you had hoped or will we need to take drastic measures there as well?<<

    >>Tanya [Ni Ni]: I have things under control in the Octagon. It will be a bit messy, but I am confident I can pull off this end. I will let you know if additional assistance is required. I am digging up what I can of Ving Sung and Rick Wu. We have an extensive file on the 88s boss and I will get it to you, along with anything new I think is important. It is a very dangerous game we are playing, my friend. Sometimes I wonder why I let myself get talked into this scheme of yours in the first place. But don’t worry, I am as fully committed as you are. We live or die together in this one.<<

    >>Ni Ni [Tanya]: You signed up because it is the right thing to do. Too many innocent people, including women and children are suffering from this pestilence and we have the ability to put a stop to part of it. Oh yeah, and because we are terrific in bed together. Besides, life would not be any fun without danger to spice it up a bit.<<

    She closes off the conversation with her friend and sends another message to the people in the container. >>Team [Tanya]: Alright. One of my sources has come through already. I am forwarding a packet of information on the Ivory Palace. I was warned that the interior blueprints might be dated and that some work has been done. I have not had a chance to do more than glance at the packet, but I did note that the electronic security system seems top notch. I am sure that it can be dealt with if you have the skills and tools. If you want anything specific that is not in the packet, let me know and I will try to get an answer for you. Time is limited, though. Have fun with the information. I still like the idea of walking someone in as a guard for me, but will understand if you guys want to do your own thing.<<

    After sending the last message, Tanya smiles to herself and sends another. The message is heavily encrypted and is sent in burst mode, traveling through a number of servers and sites before ending up at its destination. >>Sian [Tanya]: Mistress, all is going well here. The plan is at a critical stage and I am moving on to Phase III unless you object. My projection of the response from Rick Wu and his subordinates is spot on so far and I expect that I can wrap up this phase shortly.<<

    The return message is terse. >>Tanya [Sian]: Received and understood. Proceed to Phase III. And please be careful.<<

    Tanya shakes her head, thinking, “Careful is my middle name. I have not lived this long in a dangerous world without being careful. Still, it is best to plan carefully and be ready to improvise when you encounter the enemy.” She lets Monique know that she is returning to Chinatown then sends a message to her subordinates at the casino to tell them the same thing.

  • adamu

    May 25, 2017 at 4:12 pm

    Tuesday, 26 November, 2075; 1220; Storage unit under Alaska Way Viaduct, Downtown, Seattle Metroplex

    After making a mental note that Triad Qu….Monarch had super-hearing powers, Al listened to the comm chatter with half an ear while watching the Urban Brawl match.

    Apparently Neither-Naked-Nor-Invisible-Chick (but at least definitely a chick) wanted to go the sneaky route, but Tanya/Tony liked the bodyguard idea. Al knew which would be more fun, but to each his own.

    Things were heating up on the trid screen – Al winced as a “non-lethal” round pierced the left eye of the Tombstones’ scout and turned his brain into bloody-gray scrambled eggs.

    “So settled then. Good plan really – some of us infiltratin’, others provokin’. Them as wants ta be relatively safe but have ta spend the whole day plannin’ an’ preppin’ an’ other tedious nonsense, yer with Glo. Them as don’t mind walkin’ into a room filled with a few hunnerd guys wants ta kill ya long as it means ya don’t gotta do nothin’ but watch the game an’ drink beer till go-time, well, the cooler’s over there.”

  • jack_spade

    May 25, 2017 at 4:19 pm

    [B]Tuesday, 26 November, 1136; storage unit under Alaska Way viaduct, Downtown, Seattle Metroplex[/B]

    John had followed the exchange with bemused fascination. Sports where a topic he had never understood – watching was kind of pointless and doing it yourself was for him in his current form nothing but a quick paced strategy game. And as far as he was concerned, there were better games around. But before he could get in a wise crack, Triad Tanya had already departed.
    <<Serious? Posing as bodyguards at a party where the opposition has numerical advantage and controls what weapons we can bring in? That’s just asking for trouble of the terminal kind.

    Normally I’d just skip the Sung angle to go directly for Ricky – I mean even if he is not the one after Al and Jan, he certainly wouldn’t be a great loss to society either. But I get that you like to do this thoroughly.

    So taking a step back, we know that Sun will attend tonight – so all we need to do is catch him before he arrives. We can do this in the style of a drive by or we pinch him in his own garage. Hell we could even sabotage his car and turn it into a remote controlled cage.

    Hell we could just break into his apartment, stuff him into the garbage chute and collect him on ground level. The less moving part the plan has the better. Hit’em fast, hit’em hard and get out before they can respond.

  • mercy

    May 25, 2017 at 4:41 pm

    Tanya nods as the comments come in. She takes a couple of corners as she works out an answer. >>I am certainly not saying that I have all of the answers here, but I do feel that taking Ving Sun out is going to have to happen either now or later and we have him where we want him. I know that he lives in the club but I do not know where. It is rumored that his private quarters are buried in the lower levels somewhere so going for him there might be pretty hit and miss. However, we do know where he will be at 2100 tonight. He will be surrounded by his guards and probably feeling completely in charge of the situation. But I am pretty sure that he does not know me well and he certainly does not know you guys. As you said, the fewer moving parts the better and I think that walking into the lion’s den and killing all of them has the fewest moving parts. Do I make any sense at all?<<

  • adamu

    May 25, 2017 at 4:52 pm

    <<Well, except that he certainly DO know me an’ Jan. If we come in as yer guards, does honorable Eastern manners keep ’em from offin’ us onna spot? Like, they gotta jist git ants in they pants with us there, but they’s not allowed to make a play? Either way, the “killin’ all of ’em” actually has the MOST movin’ parts, ya ask me. But I like it better. Johnny’s way is much much much smarter, but then I’d have ta git up off’n my ass, an’ it’s only half-time.>>

  • mercy

    May 25, 2017 at 6:56 pm

    >>I would snort if you could hear me in a text message. Eastern manners and a few Nuyen will get you a cup of soycaf, but it will not likely keep you alive in a den of criminals. Not unless you outrank them. I would ask if you think Ving Sung would recognize you, though. He might if he was directly involved with you but is it possible that he just knows your names and not what you look like? But let’s say that he will know you. What do we do instead? Do you have an alternative plan? I do not immediately discount John’s ideas, and I have been trying to think of how to find the man and have not come up with anything yet. I think your plan is simpler, cleaner, and will put us right at the point we need to be at when we start the killing. I am open to other suggestions, however.

    Say, Al, I was listening to the match and am very sorry about your guy Willison. Who would think a gel round could be that deadly? That almost seals their shot this year, but I have seen teams come back from worse.<<

  • mercy

    May 26, 2017 at 2:17 am

    Tuesday, 26 November, 2075; 1230; Bright Path Casino, Chinatown, Seattle Metroplex

    Tanya stops in an alley on the way back and changes back into Song Ai before continuing on to Chinatown. She parks the bike in the parking lot in the front where it will be picked up by Monique in an hour or so and walks through the ornamental arch, where she is met by Chien Lo and two of his men. Chien Lo is masking some concern, but his men are having a hard time hiding it. Song Ai motions for them to walk with her and heads off to the casino at a leisurely pace. “What is wrong, Chien Lo? Are the arrangements made to take Fu Shing to the hospital?”

    Chien Lo nods, but he is not smiling. “Your will is being done but Fu Shing himself is fighting it. And there have been developments.”

    Ai looks over at her henchman. “Developments?”

    “Yes, Song Ai. With the announcement from Rick Wu there have already been changes.”

    Ai keeps her tone neutral. “What changes? I thought that the announcement was that Ving Sung was to take over on Saturday?”

    Chien Lo nods. “That is correct, Song Ai, but some of the staff are already acting like the ownership has changed.”

    “How many people have we lost.”

    “So far, the losses amount to about fourteen casino and hotel staff…………and three of Fu Shing’s personal guards.”

    Al is thoughtful for a moment then nods her head. “Very well. I want no retaliation against these people. We will hire back the casino and hotel staff, but will have to find other positions for the guards if they come back. I do not want anyone that close to Fu Shing that is not ready to stand by him when things get tough. Make sure that the rest hear my words, Chien Lo.”

    For the first time, Chien Lo looks a bit relieved as he nods. “It will be as you say. What is your plan, Song Ai? Apparently you are not taking this lying down.”

    Ai laughs. “Far from it, Chien Lo. Far from it. I am moving Fu Shing to safety and I expect you to keep him safe. The administrators at the hospital are already aware that he is returning and that he will be guarded. You will be in a special part of the hospital where others will not be at risk in case someone tries to finish the job they started last night. I will go to the meeting with Ving Sung tonight to represent Fu Shing.”

    Chien Lo shakes his head. “They will kill you, Song Ai. You must know that. At least let me accompany you. Han Sin can supervise the security arrangements for Fu Shing.”

    “Thank you very much, Chien Lo. I will consider your offer.”

    The four make their way through the crowd of tourists on the street as they head to the casino. They pass several groups of three or four men from rival factions within the 88s, each turning to look at them and giving Song Ai and her men long stares, as if they already know their fate. Certainly, if the transfer of power goes through, the lives of Fu Shing and anyone still loyal to him will be pretty much worthless and these groups of men have every right to believe that they are looking at people already dead, just not in the grave yet.

    The air at the front entrance of the casino is certainly somber. Song Ai notes that the staff at the door is down to one man, who perfunctorily opens the door for them. She stops and looks at Chien Lo. “Are there not supposed to be three men at this door?”

    Surprised at the question, Chien Lo nods. “Yes, but two of them have quit due to the………….situation, and since we are closed anyway it was thought that we did not need to replace them.”

    Song Ai turns to look at the people in the street, many of them standing and gawking. She steps up to the doorman and reaches up to straighten his tie. “We must give a professional appearance if we are representing this casino, and make no mistake; you are more a representative than myself or even Fu Shing because you are the first person the patrons see when they come to the casino. Presenting a professional appearance and attitude in the face of disappointment and adversity is important. I expect that you will do your job and do it the very best that you can. So, instead of leaning against the building and straightening up whenever someone you think is important approaches, I think we would all be better served if you stood out at the curb in your best uniform and attitude and explain to people that we are only temporarily closed and will reopen tomorrow.”

    The man’s eyes widen and he looks over to Chien Lo, who nods and responds to the unasked questions. “If Song Ai says it will happen, then it will happen. And do not disrespect her by looking to me for your answers.”

    The doorman licks his lips, obviously a bit nervous now. Ai looks at him for a bit then nods. “You will not make that mistake again, will you?” At the man’s vigorous shake of his head, she smiles. “No, I don’t suppose you will. Now, go inside and dust off the uniform jacket where you have been leaning against the wall and then return to your post and show the people the respect they deserve by giving them the service they deserve.”

    The man gulps and nods, following Song Ai as she and her men pass through the door he opens. After the doorman retreats to the restroom to clean up, Chien Lo speaks quietly to Ai. “Song Ai, is this wise to challenge the desires of Rick Wu?”

    Ai stops and turns to the man. “It is the wisest thing we can do, even if it is certain to anger Ving Sung and Rick Wu.. I am going upstairs to talk to Fu Shing and make sure that he understands why he needs to go to the hospital. I expect to take no more than thirty minutes. When I come back down, I would like to have a talk with the casino and hotel managers and the head of security as well as the man in charge of our soldiers. Fu Shing will be taking a greater interest in his property and I intend to make a case that he should remain in charge here.”

    Chien Lo shakes is head. “That will only make them angry and will mean our deaths.”

    Ai laughs. “Appearing weak will do the same. If Ving Sung wins, every person that stays with us will likely be killed. You will be killed. Are you ready to take that chance for Fu Shing?”

    Chien Lo takes a minute to think about his answer. “I will follow you, Song Ai, and that is the same thing in the end.”

    Song Ai thinks to correct the man but considers his answer first and decides to let it stand. She nods to him and his men. “Have everyone ready to go to the hospital and get my meeting set up.” Chien Lo bows as Song Ai walks to the elevator and steps on it to go to the penthouse.

  • jack_spade

    May 26, 2017 at 5:33 am

    [B]Tuesday, 26 November, 1137; storage unit under Alaska Way viaduct, Downtown, Seattle Metroplex[/B]

    John gave out a short laugh:

    <<Honey, you aren’t the only one who has matrix connections. I might not be well versed in your mafia politics, but I do know how to find and steal cars. Give me an hour and I’ll get back to you guys.>>

    He changed the channel and called Nachthexe:
    <<Holla Beautiful. I didn’t intend to ask for your skills so soon again, but my current job is more fun than expected. Anyway I’m again involved in a mafia war, this time the Triads.
    I need to find the location of a Ving Sung’s car. You find attached everything I have about him. I’m sure your Resonance Minions can get you this info without trouble>>

    The answer came promptly back:
    <<If you think your honeyed words are getting you a discount you are sorely mistaken – you totally missed our raid last night. We had to bring in Chibbi with his damn demon summoning to get rid of the vampire spawn and now the whole team has to pay for a remove disease against the demon rot. I’m blaming you for that, you know?>>

    <<Jeez, sorry but at the time I was just battling against a hit squad of shadowrunners and a bunch of Triad thugs on a half finished building site. Do it for me, please. I’ll even pay for the whole team’s healing.>>

    <<Ok, but you better not miss our next game. I’ll get back to you.>>

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