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    March 25, 2019 at 9:27 pm

    Song Ai
    Noon Friday, 29 November, 2075, Chinatown, Seattle

    Song Ai nods to Al as he does his maneuver and finishes eating her lunch. She sends a quick message asking for Lei Tung to join her and waits for him in the dining room. He is a bit surprised to be asked to accompany Fu Sing to the meetings, but nods in acceptance. After setting up a time to meet, Song Ai heads up to the suite to brief Fu Shing on the developments.


  • mercy

    April 1, 2019 at 9:15 am

    Song Ai
    Late Afternoon, Friday, 29 November, 2075, Penthouse Suite, Bright Path Casino and Hotel, Chinatown, Seattle

    Fu Shing had proved difficult to persuade to the new plan. He was still smarting at the damage caused to him, his people, and his property by Rick Wu and wanted some semblance of vengeance on the man and the organization that he had led. Still, he was, somewhat, a reasonable man, and Song Ai had finally been able to show him the value of the plan that she and Al had come up with. She was careful to give credit to Al for much of the base idea and was a bit surprised when Fu Shing grunted and nodded. “I have asked about and every man I have spoken to has said that the man, though crude in his dress and habits, has some talent for action. Will he be remaining with us after this is over? He might be good to have around.”

    Song Ai considers the idea but shakes her head. “Where is that coming from, Shing? You would accept an obvious round eye in your entourage? In any case, I believe that he will remain only as long as necessary then will move on to something else. I get that he does not form roots and travels around a lot. I do not think he would be happy here for an extended stay. I would make the offer, though, if you are serious.”

    Fu Shing thinks for a moment then nods. “I think that we should make the offer, even knowing that he will probably decline it. It shows that we honor his abilities and contributions. Besides, we can hope that something might keep him around.”

    Song Ai bows her head in acceptance and agreement, then the two go over the plan and what they hope will be the best way to put it across that has the best chance of not ending in too much bloodshed.


  • mercy

    April 15, 2019 at 3:42 pm

    Song Ai
    Late Afternoon, Friday, 29 November, 2075, Penthouse Suite, Bright Path Casino and Hotel, Chinatown, Seattle

    By dinner time, Fu Shing and Song Ai have hammered out what they will be saying to the gathered Triad lieutenants at the meeting in the evening. Somewhat more nebulous are the plans for the scheduled follow-up meetings, but that is more a necessity and based on what happens tonight. At 1630, Song Ai sends a message to Al. >>Al, Song Ai. Fu Shing would like to invite you to dine with us in the restaurant this evening. We are getting dressed now and should be downstairs in about thirty minutes or so. It would be nice if you could join us and we can walk over to the meeting afterwards.<<


  • adamu

    April 22, 2019 at 5:41 pm

    Al was across town when he got the message. Little unmarked lab in Renton the Mechanicals had turned him on to. Biosynthetic accelerants weren’t always available at the Kay-Dub.

    Sure, you could make all sorts of good bombs out of crap from under your sink, but those crude improvisations required volume for bang. And the people where he was going would appreciate him shlepping in a two-liter bottle of Nerps All-Clean and a three-kilo bag of icing sugar, nor would he be in a position to mix it.

    But by marinating his belt in a biosynthetically-modified picric acid after seeding the leather with chemically compressed globules of Kool-Aid powder, he’d have a stable but very effective strip of det cord requiring only a good dousing from his flask – said flask filled with nineteen parts Jack Daniels and one part catalytic RNA moieties.

    Thirty minutes? Al grinned. Impossible, but fun to try. <<Be there afore the second course.>>

    Which was when he walked in. When the message had said they were getting dressed, he’d assumed that meant because they’d been dressed. But apparently it meant they’d been dressing [i]nice. Well, Al was the help, and that’s what he’d always be. so what he was wearing was just fine. He sauntered up, pulled out a chair, flipped it around, and straddled it, crossing his arms on the chair back and dipping his fingers into Fu Shing’s plate to help himself to an oyster.

    “So what’s the rumpus, yellow amigos?”

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