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  • beta

    March 18, 2020 at 3:01 pm

    The explosion of Becky’s arrow makes a muffled bang followed by a whoosh as gasoline ignites. Over the next second or so there is a flurry of action.

    The driver of the hit car rolls out and runs away toward the street

    Lilly shoots, the balaclava wearer who had come up the side wall, who in turn draws his uzi, but not seeing his attacker dodges around to the front of the house.

    In the back yard the other balaclava wearer readys his Uzi, only to have it shot out of his hands by Bronwyn.

    The troll ignores Kynos, and instead dives back in the front car, with surprising agility for his size, closing the door behind him.

    Then the back car explodes in a whoosh of flame, leaving surface soot on Kynos and the one balaclava wearer, as well as the front car. The sturdy vehicle seems to have stood up to the explosion remarkably well, but it is now burning vigorously.

  • gilga

    March 18, 2020 at 3:28 pm

    Using the distraction of the explosion Rebbeca attempts to sneak toward the house. Explosions are like car accidents it is difficult to spot the sneaking Dryad when things go boom.

    [url=]Sneak[/url]: 17d6t5 5

  • jack_spade

    March 18, 2020 at 4:31 pm

    Well, that certainly wasn’t how Kynos had imagined that to play out. Knocking around the big guy to establish dominance, getting dogpiled by the rest, knocking them down a peg with a little help of electricity – but blowing them up immediately was even a bit extreme for Kynos eclectic tastes. Well, there was no pulling back now. All witnesses had to be silenced now.

    Drawing his modified Ares Alpha from the quick release of his backpack he selected the grenade launcher while moving away and at an angle so he could aim at the open window.
    With a “thunk” the HE-grenade flew straight into the opening and detonated on impact inside the confines of the armored car.

  • beta

    March 23, 2020 at 10:17 pm

    With one car burning from Becky’s arrow, and the other gutted by Jack, there was little to do but stop the running driver and either break into the house quickly or leave quickly. It was a nice enough neighborhood that someone was bound to report the disturbance, and if the cars really did represent Inco security staff their biomonitors would be screaming for help about now.


    Meanwhile, Al was waiting for his poutine and enjoying a beer, even if it had the awkward name of Moosehead.

    The talk around him seemed to be a mix of discussion of various ice hockey teams and the upcoming change in the weather — it wasn’t always easy to tell who was talking about what. “Icing” surely was about the weather, and “Short-handed” about the hockey, right?

    When his poutine finally did come the waitress apologized “Sorry we are slow, the owner took off mid-morning to help trap some para-critter, so we’re short handed. At least the pay should put him in a good mood, if they catch it. That and some warmer weather should at least get him over his anger at that blown Icing call last night. The Rangers must have bribed the refs again!

    Maybe the ‘icing’ discussion wasn’t about the weather after all?

    The waitress’s comments started another round of discussion of ice hockey, then people seemed to move back to the weather, this time to something Al had at least heard of, the snowbank sculptures. “Sounds like it should be a good amount of snow, and warm enough to pack. We shouldn’t need to wet it to make the sculpture.” “You must be happy about that, your lot are short-handed from what I heard?” “We’ll be fine, you just make sure that the nose doesn’t fall off dragon this time! Hopefully the others will finally be back from their stint in the lab by Sunday, but we’ve got enough as long as we don’t do a lot of piling up for extra height.

    Had the other “short-handed” talk even been about the hockey game?

  • jack_spade

    March 24, 2020 at 12:18 pm

    Kynos lifted his rifle and aimed carefully at the retreating guy’s head.


    The first shot hit a little to low and impacted on the guy’s armor, but it slowed him down enough that Kynos lined up another shot, this time switching to full auto and send a small burst downrange directly into the guy’s head.

    The body fell and left a dark puddle that almost immediately turned to red ice.

    <<No time for subtlety – break down the door and take a look around if the mage is here. And afterwards we talk about not shooting explosives at cars when your coworker is within the blast radius – is that clear?>>

  • beta

    March 24, 2020 at 10:03 pm

    The door was reasonably solid, but the frame wasn’t built for resisting shadowrunners under time pressure.

    From a quick look through the house seemed empty. Nobody obvious, little clutter, hardly any food in the fridge and much of that gone moldy. There was four bedrooms but only two of them showed any signs of habitation — one had a empty suit case by the door and a few clothes in the dresser, while another had clothes heaped on the bed and the closet and dresser looking ransacked.

    There was an obvious lodge in the basement, except that it looked like some of the wall panels had been pried out, perhaps ruining it?

    It was a substantial house, with plenty of possibilities for hiding places. Looking any more thoroughly for people or clues would take time …


  • jack_spade

    March 25, 2020 at 2:16 pm

    Kynos’ gaze wandered through the flat with practiced ease, noting the fact that the mage hadn’t been here for a while

  • adamu

    March 26, 2020 at 4:34 pm

    Al followed the local snow and hockey conversation as best he could, those being two topics that interested him less than not at all. He was made for hot climes, and was much more of an urban brawl/combat biker man, at least when there wasn’t any pro wrestling on the trid.

    The food was good, and he complimented the waitress – again in French – when she passed by to refill their coffees. He continued conversing with his host and the other language in whichever language they seemed most comfortable with.

    His host was named Grahame, and he was a heavyset guy, medium height, with a lot of whiskery skin dangling loose from his chin and jaw. It was funny because the rest of his skin was stretched taut by the fat beneath. Too much poutine, probably. Nice guy, though. Appreciated good engine work, and clearly liked his beer.

    Al followed the poutine with scones and jam, commenting quietly so as that the waitress wouldn’t hear – “Good jam, but not what I’m lookin’ for. One reason I’m up in these parts, an aunt o’ mine sent me some raspberry jam last year, said she bought it around here. Wanted some more, but her memory ain’t what it was. An’ me bein’ a gentleman o’ leisure, thought I’d come pokin’ around….”

    The gentleman of leisure thing had ended up being a good segueway into the conversation about ice sculpture, which Al thought sounded like the sort of time wastage that only people with way too much leisure time could hope to indulge in. But it tied into the job – he would much rather be chasing toxic freaks and killing them, but this was work, and the lead was falling into his lap.

    “So Grahame, this ice sculpture business, they do any nekkid womern. Or leastways a big-tittied mermaid or somethin’?”

    “Well, they try to keep it family friendly, which still means something up here,” his host had answered, eliciting nods from some other locals. “But it’s still worth a look. With the icing such as it is, they should be getting started soon. I can take you around for a peek if you like.”

    “Yes Grahame, mi amigo. I would like. Thank ye kindly. Jist gotta hit the head first.”

    Al excused himself, did his business, and then took the opportunity to quietly catch up on what the rest of the team was up to. He reviewed the footage of the cabin that Becky had sent, taking special interest in the tracks in the snow. Then he listened for a few seconds as the team explosively slaughtered some security people. Well, they were probably the evil and corrupt kind, so it must be okay. Now they were busy trying to catch one alive or something, so he decided he didn’t need to bother them about his ice sculpture tour – if they needed him they’d call.

    “Alrighty then, kemo sabe, let’s take us in some ice!”

  • gilga

    March 26, 2020 at 4:45 pm

    Rebbeca skims through the apartment, indifferently.

    [url=]visual perception[/url]: 17d6t5 7

  • beta

    March 26, 2020 at 10:56 pm

    Kynos notices the papers in a pocket in the suitcase, at a quick glance they look like printed out invoices, so he shoves them in a pocket.

    Becky notices that the furnishings and appliances are nice, but at least a decade out of style and somewhat worn — she has little doubt that either money has become tight or the owner lost interest in material thing. Except for one very new looking item about the size of a bar fridge, but which is covered in detailed woodwork that certainly looks hand-crafted and expensive. It has a padlock holding it shut, but with Becky’s strength she could probably just carry the whole thing out if she wanted.

  • jack_spade

    March 27, 2020 at 8:25 am

    “Could be interesting – who the hell prints stuff on paper? This guy must be really old – or hate trees.” Kynos commented

    <<We should relocate our captive and ask him some pointed questions. Can’t be long before the real police makes an appearance.>>

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