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    Beta: AM had 8 hits in matrix perception looking for items of interest (cameras, stealth/running silent items etc.).


    Question: Was it intentional to have a shell case lying around when a revolver was fired? Because a cylinder doesn’t eject brass.
    That would be a massive clue to foul play.


    Alright – some more rolls:
    Improve logic: 2#10d6t5 5 3 Logic raised to 9 (dropping intuition).
    Defaulting Armorer about the gun.
    Armorer default: 8d6t5 3

    She had 4 hits in physical perception, and 8 hits in matrix perception looking for silent icons/devices with sensors within the proximity of the office – the goal is to find something that recorded something relevant.

    Is there a comlink on the body that AM can hack?


    Mato could potentially look at Runningbird’s financials, if we find them, but I’ll leave that for later.

    Firearms is going to be his only other applicable knowledge skill: Logic 2 + Firearms 2: 4d6t5 0 hits, yeah, he’s a dumb brute. ”I’m pretty sure that’s a gun.”

    To Do
    Cameras and/or other sensors
    fused piece of sand/glass
    brass casing on floor
    Reynolds’ apartment
    Runningbird’s workshop “downstairs”


    Having all the computer fun today. I had put a post up here from work, I thought, but it doesn’t seem to have gone through. Our modem died this morning and i didn’t get out to replace it today, so just on my phone tonight, and for some reason I’m not getting a reliable signal in our house (not normally a problem). So you are going to get a quick post from the front stoop.

    Jack: confirmed that the casing is on the floor.

    Gilga: matrix wise nothing in this office except runningbird’s rating 5 link and what you lot brought in. Literally nothing else, he doesn’t even have rfid tags in his cothes, the lights don’t have tags, etc. In the reception area things are more normal, and Michela has a dataterm that is equivalent to a rating five link, and her personal rating three link. The building has a camera in the lobby and another outside the front door, attached to a rating three host.

    Armorer-wise, a) as Jack said, pistols don’t normally eject casings, and there is no casing in the cylinder currently. B) Michela mentioned that this gun used black powder originally– AM thinks the gun smells the same as any other gun she has fired. A quick matrix search suggests that black powder would smell more strongly. Also that it leaves more soot, but that is harder to check.

    Tecumseh: Michela is all for getting away from the body and going to check on Reynolds. Let me know when you are ready. She says the glass is the one item she hasn’t worked on the provenance for.


    Bummer about the lost post. I hate that.

    Looks like AM hacked the commlink. Do we find any Runningbird’s communications, or notes about who he was meeting with?

    Does Michela have access to the camera feeds or do we need to hack those?

    Does the fused sand-and-glass look strange on the astral?

    Mato is wondering if the kill happened elsewhere. The lack of residual violence on the astral suggests that Runningbird was geeked elsewhere. Mato will look to see if there’s a mess on the carpet underneath/behind Runningbird, and/or a hole in the wall where the round would presumably enter.


    My wife made it out to by a new modem today and got it set up, so I should be better able to post tonight 😀

    Argh, attempted some ASCII art, but the spaces all collapse.

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    Two oversights on my part to clear up:

    1- I should have thought to provide a link to the gun in question when I had Michela talking about it. Here is one that went at auction: and here is the wiki about the model:

    Note that it is not a percussion cap, it was an early ‘modern’ bullet (but before modern gun powder, if you are being authentic, from my reading). But also note that I’m generally massively ignorant about guns so I could have missed something here.

    All of the above being said, I don’t like to make anyone go back on words …. so let’s assume that it was not actually the model above but rather an older model that used percussion caps. I don’t have a link at my fingertips but it probably doesn’t matter much. If anyone wants to nominate a particular model go ahead, else I’ll get to it eventually.

    2- I missed a few words many posts back. When Bobby saw the corpse slumped in the chair I’d meant to add ‘behind a large wooden desk’ I was wondering why nobody was looking on the desk (if not through it) soI went back to my post and saw that I’d missed actually typing that part. So yes, there is a rather nice wooden desk, probably hand-crafted given some of the woodwork details.


    Ha, a desk! And here I thought Runningbird was slumped over in a chair in the middle of the room like a modern art masterpiece.

    Does Jhonney have an opening bid for Part 2 of the job or was the expectation that AM would tell him what our rates are?


    He’s waiting to see if you are willing to sign up for what is probably wet work before talking money (probably a negotiating ploy).

    I’m still slapping myself for missing mentioning the desk. another mental note to proof-read, especially when GM! (I’m often posting either in a rush or while on the edge of falling asleep, so errors are far too likely)


    I took “terminate the ignorance” to suggest that intimidation might be sufficient. Bobby is intimidating. But, should it not be sufficient, we can just go with straight “terminate”.


    He did use ambiguous phrasing — the perils of wanting to be able to testify that of course you didn’t tell someone to kill someone else.


    Okay what do AM needs to do to put her hands on the archival footage?

    She’ll go to one of the cameras which is slaved to the host:
    Hack camera: 17d6t5 8
    (just like her limit with S&M and noise compensation and everything).

    Then if the camera has indeed slaved to the host she gains a mark on the host and can enter it.
    she’ll use the crack file (?) action to access archival files if they are protected.
    Crack file: 17d6t5 4
    and will also check for data bombs/disable them if one exists.

    Let me know if we need more rolls – or what to roll against so I can speed up the hacking the host part.


    @gilga that is enough rolls. The host is barely a step up from Stuffer Shack. I’ll post IC later.


    I think gilga wrote “apartment” but meant “vault”.

    Does Michela know where the vault in Bellevue is?


    I meant apartment but missed that it is in the same building. I edited. Let’s try the vault laters…


    Just to clean things up:
    – Bobby just left the building to see if he could track Reynolds
    – Mato may still be in Reynolds’ apartment with Michela
    – AM comes down and joins them.

    Michela does not know where the vault is but knows enough to give you some clues to work with, but most key is that she understands it to be a business (legitimate or not she can’t be sure), not just a literal vault sitting somewhere.

    Rest of my night is looking busy, but I’ll try to get to Bobby’s tracking tomorrow.


    Beta –
    1. does Michella recognize the ring?
    2. does she recognize the troll in the surveillance

    I assume that the troll is Reynolds but she did not actually confirm that (and I am not sure that AM herself saw Reynolds to confirm it herself).

    The troll needs to be Reynolds (or AM should see a picture of Reynolds for the search power).

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    • This reply was modified 7 months ago by GilgaGilga.

    Sorry for the late reply – – today ended up being totally eaten by work.

    – confirms that the troll is Reynolds.
    – does not recognize the ring.

    Bobby is still trying to track.

    Mato is…. ?

    • This reply was modified 7 months ago by BetaBeta.

    When we last left our hero, Mato, he was combing through Reynolds’ apartment. He was using his cyberware scanner (which would also detect weapons) and his radar sensors (which would detect hidden spaces). He was singling out the umbrella stand, which didn’t seem to fit Reynolds’ military background nor his horn-care regimen. Bobby had assensed the umbrellas too.

    After that, it’s flexible. Mato could stand overwatch on AM while she is VRing, or he could assist Bobby with the tracking. Bobby would be the leader for teamwork purposes. I’ll roll for Mato.

    Teamwork test: Intuition 6 + Tracking 1 + Urban 2: 9d6t5 4 hits

    Rerolling hits: Teamwork Test 4: 4d6t5 1 hit

    1 extra hit, bringing Bobby’s total up to 4.

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