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    By browser I meant “web browser”: Chrome, Firefox, Safari, etc. And I was curious what device you’re using to see the page as I wanted to see if I could replicate only seeing one picture instead of all four, if only to better understand how RPG Playroom works.


    I am so sorry to have pulled your chain. I can see all four of the pictures, but my eyes were focused on the bikini, not the tux. Again, very sorry.


    We don’t know each other well yet. I’m sure we’ll get there.


    @Adamu don’t worry much about the scratching, I’m just starting to set some groundwork for Preston to replace his used left arm with a new one at some point. With Monkey still out after taking over in the otherland he’s not really conscious of his impulses, so the arm is coming to the fore a bit.

    I’m willing to move things along to driving soon, depending on how long you feel like talking. (and sorry for having skipped past the first day of driving, I’d just wanted to move us out of San Angelo)


    No worries on any of that.

    We can move on as slow or quick as you like!

    All just for fun.

    I did have him notice the scratching – wrote before reading your OOC post.
    But like it says in the post, he doesn’t really worry about it much.

Viewing 5 posts - 181 through 185 (of 185 total)
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