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    @Gilga 3 noiz, randomise the 5 hits between them? I think it was 5…?



    Alright, time to answer some questions:

    If Noir has taken position away from the field and is still channeling the spirit she can clearly see the devil rats scurrying from the pipe, followed by Demon Rats. The normal rats are coming from all available crevices and tunnels around the field.
    She isn’t under immediate attack, as the rats focus on the barn and the two diggers.

    The barn is open on the front and has a opening above where Al made his sniper perch. The barn itself is dark and full of stuff, making it hard to look inside from a distance

    The field is dry but not a fire hazard per se. That said: There are quite a lot of petrochemical traces around from a former fracking operation. She can’t be sure if throwing fire around is the best idea, but it likely won’t turn the whole field into a fire hazard.

    The rats won’t react to intimidation – their natural instincts have been overwritten by animal control. And Demon Rats have such a high aggro index that their only reaction to feeling fear is to attack even harder. And since they are the once controlling the devil rats, they’ll command their underlings to attack ruthlessly as well.

    Manabarrier would work, but only if you can force an intersection i.e. have the awakened targets be unable to evade the barrier or getting shoved further by it.

    Drones: Evasion: 3#6d6t5 0 3 4Evasion: 2#6d6t5 4 2
    Attack: 5#6d6t5 2 3 1 1 2
    To go down, as electricity does hurt even on a grazing hit. The other two attacks miss, while the last one manages to graze again and take the drone out.


    Since Ichante was assensing during the drive, she noticed a beast spirit on the plains and now has spotted it again, as it hides down in the pipe.
    From her result she can see it’s a bound spirit.
    Important info: Even if the spirit is taken out, the natural aggression of the Demon/Devil Rats is enough for them to continue attacking. It’s stopping them long enough to prepare for an ambush that requires the effort.

    Also important to note: Devil/Demon Rats are acclimatized to toxic BGC – while the F4 Spirit is not.

    And yes: Levitation will rob you of your defense


    @Jack_Spade Noir rolled assensing (She can’t not, what with being dual natured and all), but I don’t know what’s in her field of view. Does she also catch sight of the spirit? Or, considering that its bound, the summoner?



    * So my crap roll on the intimidate was academic. No worries – I suspected that the Animal Control might make them impossible to intimidate, but wasn’t sure how you’d rule on that so I gave it a shot.

    However, just to be clear, without the Animal Control (if the spirit was gone), then the Demon Rats Aggro Rating alone would not make them immune from animal intimidation, since you ruled in the Triads game that the Aggro just gave them half its rating in bonus dice to resist (so five bonus dice).
    Have I got that right?


    * Moving forward, I won’t take my next action until Tecumseh has a chance for an action…
    Now, that’s a trick since Tecumseh said he’s busy and suggested we puppet Ichante – but there seems to be a lot of disagreement about what Ichante should do.
    But it looks like Tecumseh is online right now, so probably just worth waiting for a bit….


    * Your IC post said that Al managed to hold them off for a second. Was that just fluff, or did it keep them from attacking for an initiative pass?
    In other words, do we need to resist attacks right now, or did they pause and we get to go straight on to our second action?

    —–If we have to resist now, can Al’s big show make him a more prominent target, and take some of Ichante’s 30 rats onto himself?

    —–Either way, I think our next action should be to take the opening provided and jump down onto the truck and try to get in.


    Jack, if I read it correctly I still have 1 Noiz left?

    Will get on with rolling initiative etc tomorrow when I have more time. Night all!


    Sorry, but the last hit went through (specialty of electricity damage, doing damage even on a grazing hit (also I forgot to reduce the drone’s defense pool for multiple attacks)

    With the Triad story we had an adept with the Apex Predator ability from the Beast Path. Would be a bit cheap if a simple Intimidate Check could replicate this 😉
    But don’t worry, Al certainly has made himself the prime target
    The second pause was partly fluff: You still have a higher ini than the rats and you certainly could use your move action to jump out of the barn and run away.

    Ichante’s area effect spell certainly would do wonders against the rats – if you are brave enough to have that set directly in front of your noses (and likely make the barn crash in on itself.

    Sorry, forgot about you: Yes you also spot the spirit hiding in the pipe, giving it full cover. You are about 50m away from that position. The summoner is nowhere to be seen (that’s what remote services are for)


    @Jack_Spade Excellent. That tells me something in and of itself.



    Cool – table the intimidate/aggro thing for another day. Moment’s passed anyway!

    Check – we have a chance to use movement to jump down to the truck.
    Note that i moved it INTO the barn, but did specifically position it as place to jump down to.
    And if the rats are swarming our current position, then moving down to the truck should hopefully sidestep their current flow – perhaps at least enough that we won’t face an unreasonable number as we try to get in….

    Anyway, I’ll IC Al urging Ichante to jump for the truck (which could be done with movement after she has an action [spell?]).

    Whether she goes for it is up to Tecumseh.
    Al won’t go until she does.
    And happy to take as many of her rats as I can if it comes to that.


    Let me know if you want dodge rolls on Preston (for the acid-lightning, or whatever that is)


    In case I’m asleep when pass #2 rolls around, Noir’s actions are going to be to send a bound fire spirit after the rat spirit with express orders to kill. Then she’s going to observe in detail as a free action to find where the best point to start a really big fire would be (We’re in a petrochem field. I’m going for the full rodent barbecue). Her second action will be to start moving toward it.

    Spirit’s Initiative: 24 With one pass gone, the spirit will act on 14.

    Spirit’s Attack: 7(force)+7(astral combat)-2(BGC)= 12. 2 hits. Terrible attack, but a force 4 spirit may not have an awesome dodge

    Observe in Detail: 4 Successes


    It’s 12:30 in the morning for me. I just finished work half an hour ago so this will be concise. Thursday will be more of the same so I will reiterate my instructions to puppeteer me to keep things moving. I’m going to pass the reins to Al for inscrutable reasons of my own. Ichante, due to her training, defaults to offense. Her stubborn nature prefers to hold its ground, but she won’t try to maintain an indefensible position.

    I should have rolled the guardian spirit’s initiative too:
    F6 guardian spirit initiative: 2d6+15 17

    I rolled snake eyes. Nice.

    It seems like Al and Ichante’s position it about to be overrun, so that we should jump out the window to the Gaz. This begs the question of the distance involved. If we’re in the hayloft then I’m guessing we’re ~3 meters off the ground, so perhaps the drop to the Gaz is minimal, maybe only a meter or so depending on the height of the Gaz. Ichante will jump as long as the drop is 3 meters or less.

    The other question is what sort of action is required to hop out the window. Simple? Free? A non-action like walking? For now I’m going to assume that it’s a Simple action, but if that’s not the case then I might turn that Simple into another action, like recklessly spellcasting at the Demon Rat. (Probably Lightning Bolt @ F5 to give it a taste of its own medicine. I don’t want to recklessly cast Ice Storm due to drain concerns.) After the background count, dice pool should be about 13.

    Free: say something witty
    Simple: order guardian spirit to pursue the F4 beast spirit
    Simple: jump out window

    I’m aware that Noir has a spirit pursuing the beast spirit as well. It seems to me that eliminating it as quickly as possible is in our best interests. As Jack says, the natural aggression of the rats will continue even after the ringleader is dispatched, but at least they won’t be as coordinated, and may retreat under duress.


    And the most important stuff, we can retreat as this is not the place we want to dig. (Not that I mind laying waste to an endless swarm of rats)…

    Actually, can any of our mages summon a beast spirit? (Evil grin).
    Or mind control/ banish and resummon this bound spirit?

    If we can control a massive army of rats… then 🙂

    Edit: Ichante can summon a beast spirit of her own! That means, that once we get rid of the bound beast spirit – we control an army of rats!!!!
    How cool is that!

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    • This reply was modified 1 year ago by GilgaGilga.

    Ah, see, I love it when a runner team starts to get coordinated and take charge of things.

    The beast spirit is wholly astral at the moment (that’s the nice thing about dual natured critters: you can control them without materializing)

    Beast spirit Ini: 8+3d6 19
    The Beast Spirit goes to full defense against this vastly superior opponent: Ini down to 9
    Full Defense: 12d6t5 6
    Then it will flee, losing control over the rats.

    Jumping out of the hayloft is a non-action i.e. walking and thanks to the hood of the Gaz won’t cause damage to Ichante
    Note that icing the building would still be a good idea, as the rats have very low health.

    But I’ll leave it to Adamu to decide if a single strike against the leader or against the swarm is more in your interest.

    The acid spit wasn’t aimed at you – the suddenly appearing illusions have drawn the fire away from you 🙂


    Thanks for clarifying about the movement cost again, Jack. I did notice you spelled that out for me earlier as well.

    While Tecumseh left me in control of Ichante, naturally I’ll follow his instructions for her as closely as possible.

    So as I see it, we both have initiative over the rats, but could be subject to their attacks once they have their go.

    So our initial pass looks like this in game terms.

    Complex – intimidate rats – ineffective for various reasons
    Free – talk to Ichante
    Movement – down to and into truck
    Free – open car door (Use Simple Object a Free Action with Nimble Fingers).
    Free – say something witty in the placeholder post
    Simple – command her spirit to go with Noir’s to double-team the bad naughty spirit
    Movement – down to and into truck
    Simple – open car door

    Because there seems to have been some confusion, the Gaz is inside the barn, but specifically positioned as a step down from the loft.
    With rats swarming the loft, assume down below (relatively) clear.

    On his second pass, Al’s first action will be to crash through the barn doors and out – and that will give Ichante all sorts of LOS for spell havoc if needed.
    But one step at a time.


    Becky: (initiative 33:)
    Simple: Open door, enter car.
    Simple: Open door for Preston.
    Free: text GTFO.


    Damn, all three drones down…let’s hope we can get expenses on this run 😛 …Jazz is more or less obliged to try and retrieve her fallen comrades but hopefully they are still outside the mass of rats??

    Initiative: 13+2D6 = 21
    Drone Initiative (based on pilot 3 which most of them have) 6+4D6 = 27

    Pass 1 Simple: order in the Noiz’s (and watch them die, sniff)
    Pass 2 Simple: order Baghera to retrieve their fallen
    Pass 3 …


    @Aria I think that so far we are doing good. The Spirit is on the run and loses control of this rat army and Ichante can gain control of them. So we are likely to be able to fetch them.


    For tracking init passes: Preston tossed away his first pass, used second pass to get back up from prone. Used his movement getting close to the Armadillo (where he was body blocked by Becky, per Jack’s post). He is out of actions and movement after that, so won’t be getting into the truck until next turn. (He does still have a free action). I’m reading, but not likely to post IC for the balance of the turn.


    So if Becky opens the door can he seats in the car with a move action? Becky has like 4 passes.

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    I’ll try to formulate what’s happened so far:

    Rats appear, ini happens:

    Noir 38: Commands her spirit – creates Illusions
    Becky 33 Runs away, starts car
    Drones 27 – wait until 21 for input – deploy Noizquitos
    Al 27 Intimidates Rats – moves into Gaz
    Noir Spirit 24 Attacks Beast Spirit
    Ichante 21 Commands Spirit, Enters Gaz
    Jazz 21 Commands Drones
    Beast Spirit 19 Goes Full defense, dropping to 9
    Demon Rats: 18 Attack Car, Noizquitos and Illussions
    Ichante Spirit 17 Attacks fleeign Beast Spirit
    Devil Rats: 16 Command Rats to attack
    Preston 15 Flees
    Rats: 12 Attack Preston, since he is the only one not currently in cover

    Only thing missing so far is the attack of the guardian spirit:
    Astral Combat: 12d6t5 1
    Astral Combat Defense: 12d6t5 5
    Yeah, the Beast Spirit flees like the rat it looks like.

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