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    Can’t remember the way drones calculate Str… I think it might be equal to drone Bod (4 in this case) and then I could add cyber arm mods to increase it (or am I remembering SR4 now??). Got plenty of cash to retcon Mowgli being fairly strong…given that’s why I got him in the first place I don’t think that’s unreasonable?? He’s not going to be massively skilled though as the autosoft caps out at 3 (his pilot rating), so 6D unarmed…woot woot


    You can mod arms and legs to have up to double strength of body value and double agility of pilot value.

    And don’t forget you can use swarm for more dice

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    So lots of teamworkey actions being bandied about, some question about timing. But sounds like all on same page about the way forward (at least for the next few seconds).
    Just for fun I wrote the below – just to sort of amalgamate the things people are saying OOC.
    But it includes other characters, and, more importantly, may go further than Jack will permit.
    I don’t think there are any actions here that would require heroic dice rolling – the thing is currently subdued, and the resources are readily available.

    So have a look. If it seems mostly acceptable, go ahead and let me know any changes needed about your characters. If people (especially Jack) agree, I can paste it into the IC thread tonight.

    Or if there is not a consensus, maybe it will be a step toward one.


    Al pocketed the key in disgust – clearly he’d need Ichante’s help to get it into the hole. The thought made him smile despite the fact that his friend Becky was directly at his feet on the mud floor covered in blood and straw as she wrestled a huge talking devil-ram into thrashing submission. Preston had said something about wood, and Al was about to test that theory on the beast’s head with the butt of is Remington when Mowgli charged in out of the rain, all chrome and whining servos, and dove onto the monster with Becky. The robot wrapped itself around the prone beast like a creepy metal spider, legs locked around its midsection and hands grabbing the thing’s rear lower legs just above the hoofs. With Becky on its neck with a powerful grip on its horns, the thing wasn’t going anywhere soon. But the blond beauty looked pale, not fully on her game despite her wisecracks.

    Al looked at Noir, but she merely leaned against a tractor wheel, arms folded, her face an impossible mocking combination of bored and amused. Al didn’t think she was a demon, but that didn’t mean she couldn’t act like one.

    Preston yelled, “Al!” The little man looked up and caught the hickory handle of a garden rake as it flew towards him. Without hesitation, he eyed the grain of the wood, then braced the tool’s metal teeth under the edge of a fuel drum that sat heavily on the water-logged earthen floor. Holding the other end of the shaft, he brought his Doc Marten down sharply, snapping the wood with an audible crack. In his hand was most of the handle, but one end had been split so that it ended in a strong, vicious point.

    “Gimme a hand here, y’all,” he said to Preston and Ichante. Gathering around the writhing tangle of metal and flesh, they placed the point between two ribs, and together six hands pushed down, driving the wood through the monster’s torso and then into the yielding mud below. Quick as thinking, Ichante grabbed a heavy, rubber-headed mallet from somewhere and they pounded the makeshift stake deeper into the earth, pinning the hell goat to the earth like a collected butterfly.


    Diagnostics may also help.


    Fine by me! 😁


    Probably tack Preston putting some sort of blanket or something over its head…


    I’m good with that. A couple of maybe-tweaks just not to presume too much is conveniently at hand.
    – Preston could maybe just hammer it home with his cyberarm (strength six, 2 points of armor, doesn’t have the leverage of a mallet, but it is at hand)?
    – And he could remove his ballistic mask and shove it over the goat (obviously such that the eye holes are well away from its eyes)

    But I’m also fine as presented.


    Easy changes to make.
    Also should edit in reference to Ichante’s first saying the idea to stake the thing….


    Fine by me, and no need to roll the staking, but the blindfolding will require an unarmed touch attack.

    Afterwards all the stakers please make an Intuition + Reaction roll.


    All understood, Jack.

    Keeping a list of needed edits, but will still wait to see if Tecumseh and Gilga are cool.


    In case I’m not online when the IC post goes live, I’m posting my rolls, and anyone else is welcome to narrate Preston’s part in the whole thing:

    Defaulting on unarmed combat, but assuming that I can average the agility of his two arms (that it isn’t quite so much a whole body thing at this point). And he has ‘friends in combat’. So (5+9)/2-1+1 = 7 dice
    hat the goat: 6d6t5 3

    And intuition+reactions:
    mystery roll: 10d6t5 4


    It’s 12:07am and I’m just now finishing up work. I don’t have time to review the day’s posts at the moment, nor post on my own, so I’d ask adamu to drive Ichante for the moment. I’ll hopefully have an opportunity to fully catch up on Friday afternoon.


    Okay, I put up the post.

    Hadn’t heard from Gilga yet, but there are no actions posted for Becky, just fluff descriptions of things already resolved.

    I ended it pretty abruptly, since it looks like something is immediately going to happen.
    For the same reason, I didn’t mention the blindfolding – Beta’s already rolled for that, but waiting on Jack’s resolution, so reckon they can put that into the IC when the moment comes.

    For the record OOC – Ichante did not actually call off her spirit’s attack – don’t want to waste an existing command – more like in-combat coordination, signaling it to pause a moment to see what happens – it’s a smart spirit, it can fight in teamwork with its master.

    Here is my Reaction + Intuition. That seems like a Dodge sort of roll, but don’t know. So I’ll roll my Combat Sense dice separately.
    But it’s all one roll, impacted once by BCG, so I’ll ding the first roll and then do the additional roll at full value.
    What happens when we stake the goat?: 14d6t5 5
    Combat Sense if it applies: 5d6t5 2
    So five or seven successes.

    And, per Tecumseh’s request, Ichante’s roll
    Adam rolling for what happens with the staking: 10d6t5 4
    That roll assumes Combat Sense applies, and then also applies the BCG. But even without Combat Sense, the last few dice were misses, so the four successes should be solid.


    It’s not a dodge roll, but it is the reason why Noir told you to stop it’s line of sight. 😉

    Otherwise, everything works fine for the moment.


    @Jack_Spade what is the resistance to the blindfolding? (I made a roll above, but we’ve not IC’d it yet because we don’t know if that is good enough to succeed or not)


    Well…everyone got at least four successes, so maybe we just all resisted whatever it was….
    I guess it wasn’t out of actions – or maybe this is just getting ready for it’s first action on the next turn…

    Well, Preston volunteered for the blindfolding – and has already made the roll – let’s see what happens!


    The blindfolding worked. Actually, you’d have even two dice more since it’s a touch only attack.


    Looking around the barn (but not very effectively)
    observe in detail (the barn): 12d6t5 2

    edge 3/5, no damage, full ammo

    Al will be activating Killing Hands.


    I’ll get around the -2 try again penalty by instead doint Teamwork to help Ichante.
    teamwork to adjust artifact: 9d6t5 1
    Yikes – this thing actually is cursed.
    But adds one extra die for Ichante.
    Book says no penalty on re-try after some time has passed. Her last try was was back before we got to the scrapyard, so assuming that’s enough. Jack can cut dice if I’m wrong.
    adjust from -2 to 0 bcg-at-Orb: 9d6t5 2
    Well, criminy.
    Again, I’m too afraid of what’s coming to spend Edge yet….bummer, though.

    I’ll edit the IC post for this result.

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