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    I haven’t kept them updated in a long while, but what I had (and which anyone can add to) is here:

    ETA: since we are not quite done here yet, would people be OK with starting an OOC-2 thread, so that we can more easily access the newest OOC post?

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    I’m going to shortly be going offline, for at least 48 hours (hopefully get caught up Sunday evening, at worst on Monday). I’m fine with Preston operating on either side of the portal, so don’t wait for my input to make the decision — someone just tell him where to go 🙂


    I’ll open a new OOC post as soon as I’m able to post tomorrow.
    Have a good start into your weekend everyone.

Viewing 3 posts - 1,261 through 1,263 (of 1,263 total)
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