Horses have served as mounts, beasts of burden, and companions to metahumanity for centuries. They rival dogs for the role of man’s best friend. Herds of wild horses have been growing in the wild over the past several years.

[table]B |A |R |S |W |L |I |C |E |ESS
8 |5 |5 |8 |3 |2 |3 |4 |2 |6[/table]
Initiative 8 + 1D6
Movement x3/x10/+6
Condition Monitor 12/10
Limits Physical 10, Mental 4, Social 6
Armor 0
Skills Running 6, Unarmed Combat 1
Powers Natural Weapon (Kick: DV (STR+1)P, AP —, Reach 1)

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They’re still man’s best friend. Their loyalty, enhanced senses, and natural instincts make them naturals in security and personal protection settings. The statistics listed here…