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  • gilga

    November 19, 2018 at 2:04 pm

    Becky gathered her essentials, a large bow, light, and heavy crossbows, and her beautiful decorated magical katana. She also brought a pre-packed bag with a few clothes, cosmetics, and perfumes. She packed the weapons together and ranted “I don’t think a bow or a sword fit with this outfit… A katana never fit with my outfit. “ She replied “If there are areal drones, make sure I get to the bow. It has quite a range with the power I can wield it, my static shaft arrows should take down any drone.”. She asked Jazz with a look where to place her things and will do as Jazz instructs her. “This is much better suited indeed. Do you want a mark on the Armadillo? In case we need a spare ride? I may not have the time to pilot it if things go south. Sadly the Morgan can only be driven manually. So I left it in parking.”