Reply To: Texas Hold'em 2078 [IP]

  • beta

    November 19, 2018 at 2:42 pm

    * Oleg: Sounds like a fragging clown car with all of us shoved in there.
    * Gamma: the van looks quite roomy, we wouldn’t be crowded at all.
    * Coleman: Tactically it is better to stay together if combat happens. Strategically, we weaken the con by having excess people along, increasing the need for combat.

    “Having Jazz, Ichante, and myself all in the van might make it hard for them not to notice us? I suppose we can stay in the back, and when you get out you shut the doors quickly. On the other hand if the border patrol stops us, they may well expect to take a look in the back, in which case our lurking back there could look more suspicious.”

    Preston looked around, and offered “I suppose Jazz could be explained as more local talent, brought along by Becky as a driver and tech support – especially if Ichante did some work to give her a more corporate type of look” He added an aside to Jazz “I have no problems with your clothes, it is just a matter of playing to expectations.” He glanced around the barren countryside, then continued “At which point claiming the same for Ichante and me is just another half step. We could even do up our clothing in a similar style to Ichante to make it look like we are all part of the same company or troop or something, if we really need to. I do feel that the more people you take in, the more explaining might have to be done. The more explaining, the more opportunities for things to go wrong. In the end it is balancing the forces we have IF things go wrong, with minimizing the chance that things go wrong in the first place.”