Reply To: Texas Hold'em 2078 [IP]

  • beta

    November 19, 2018 at 9:43 pm

    * Coleman: I don’t like the distance, aside from inability to provide direct support, it creates the potential for broken communications
    * Monkey: Couldn’t Becky stay back here with me, and the rest of them go?
    * Oleg: I can’t believe that I even briefly fantasized about a woman like that.

    “I’ll stay back here, I presume with Jazz and Ichante. I presume Jazz is a better manual driver than me, so she can be behind the wheel of the Gaz if she wants — unless Al can turn off dinosaur mode because I’m positive she can handle it better than I can wirelessly. There, settled on that?”

    He looked around, then continued “But I want some way you can give us a very quick direction. Yes you should be able to send complicated ARO, but just in case long messages are not possible, for whatever reason you have to be quick: Blitz means come in with guns blazing, or a long horn blast. If we don’t see you for a long time we’ll assume it is an extraction, but if you can get out ‘Yukon’ that would be good to know. If you are running like hell and we should set up ambush, fire guns, even if not at them, or send the message ‘Rocket.’ If you want us to fade away, like you are being followed out and don’t want us seen, message is ‘Moonlight’ or have the high-beams on when you turn onto the highway.”

    “Oh, and I want marks on all of you, before you go in. Yes I’m a fussy old woman, but I don’t like this.”

    * Eliza: given the team, the ‘woman’ reference might not have been the wisest.