Reply To: Texas Hold'em 2078 [IP]

  • beta

    November 20, 2018 at 10:07 am

    * Oleg: Humor? She wants humor? When things get hot, jokes are not the first thing one thinks of.
    * Gamma: Some people seem to specialize in wise-cracks when they are stressed. I am not one of those people.
    * Coleman: I don’t think anyone has any agreement on fall back signalling. This could cause many problems. However arguing with leaders, and arguing with the people at the cutting edge of the operation, both are serious problems.
    * Eliza: I don’t know the team that well, I don’t know how far I can push my point of view.
    * Gamma: Not everyone is as good as I am at remembering planned codes, so I couldn’t be sure that they’d use them anyway.
    * Monkey: Code words are boring anyway. But if we aren’t doing something soon, can we go find some caff? Not that crappy canned stuff that I brought with me, something good!

    Preston walked somewhat farther into the darkness than had Al before he emptied his bladder, using the time and darkness to try and adjust his expectations on how the team would operate. These people were not like Fisher or Monique, although they reminded him a bit of Tanya.

    When he came back he strapped himself into the back of the Gaz, popped into AR while he popped open a can of cold caff, and then placed marks on Al and Becky’s links while he swallowed the sugary stimulant. He wiped his mouth and called out “Matrix monitors in place. Good luck!”