Reply To: Texas Hold'em 2078 [IP]

  • aria

    November 20, 2018 at 11:34 am

    [After Dark, Wednesday February 2nd, 2078; Pit Stop Near La Vida Lopez Farm, San Angelo, CAS]

    Mowgli caught the shotgun out of the air and then stood there as impassively as he had been moments before. Jazz meanwhile sent off a quick message to Bit, the miracles of the matrix meaning the communication was instantaneous and her request processed moments later

    > Bit, can you source me an autosoft for a Remmington 990, anthroform variant? I’m transferring the cred now!
    > Jazz

    Jazz gave a low whistle and the back of her van popped open. Moving very like the big cats they were modelled on her two primary drones slouched down from the back of the van, its suspension immediately relieved as they exited. They stretched themselves, breath ever so slightly fogging the night air. Up close their chrome forms were huge, one easily as big as a real tiger and the menacing autoshotgun on its back only adding to its threatening form, the other was sleeker, faster looking, at least until the chameleon coating engaged and it more or less disappeared from view. Seeing that Preston had ensconced himself in the back of Al’s truck, Jazz refrained from ordering them to jump in with him, and Shere Kahn would be better off concealed inside Becky’s Armadillo anyway. Jazz winced slightly as Kahn’s armoured sides removed some of the RVs paintwork as she made her way inside. Baghera was more than capable of keeping up with them on his own terms.

    “I’ve left my jammer drone in the van, we’ll sync comms with Preston and make sure to exclude your links from any jamming frequencies. If you’ve got micro radios that would be a better backup but it’s likely that we’ll be exceeding their range anyway without a matrix connection”

    Edge 2/3
    Damage 1 stun

    Sprite 4/5 tasks