Reply To: The Station

  • gilga

    January 10, 2019 at 7:42 am

    While being new does not turn heads, the tall blonde elf gets a lot of attention. Perhaps not the kind that will remember her the next night, but few are checking her out as she enters.

    Mozart, the first officer cheers and drinks his bear looking a bit blue. He is likely counting the minutes until they are back at sea, though it may be some time to that. Kev seats with the group and congratulates them on a good delivery, his contact is now unloading their precious cargo from the marina and leaving the payment in the safe box. No connection between seller and buyer, and an impressive amount of trust. Israel is a small place, even more so in the sixth world, and organized crime is indeed organized and works out like a clock. The Bankaru puppets and weapons will be distributed to their interested buyers, and the delivery crew need not know anything.

    Sam could spot a gloomy man drinking alone, on the bar. He is clearly local, but something about him feels out of place, like a sad clown at a birthday party. The bartender knows him and pours in more vodka every time he empties the glass. Never making eye contact, or billing the man. The Wolf agrees that the man is troubled, or is in trouble.

    The rest of the occupants do not attract much attention, they are all having their own business – well all but two guys that seem eye Alex a bit strangely, as if looking for an opportunity to approach her.