Reply To: Texas Hold'em 2078 [OOC]

  • beta

    January 10, 2019 at 3:16 pm

    @Tecumseh Preston isn’t hacking until he’s in a safer environment. Two reasons: 1) He still doesn’t trust the situation, even if everyone seems accounted for, so doesn’t want to go into VR, and 2) Both links were fairly high end, so AR hacking may not succeed. Well and 3) Time is tight and the planned drive is long.

    His plan is to take the links with him and dive into hot sim while on the way, and empty out the links thoroughly then.

    ETA: My thoughts for dealing with Sam was for Preston to stick his gun around a corner and target using his smart link. Wouldn’t have exposed much for magery to target, and dodging would have been hard on Sam’s end.