Reply To: Texas Hold'em 2078 [OOC]

  • adamu

    January 10, 2019 at 5:07 pm

    Well, as I’ve said, sitting here at my computer, I definitely respect everyone else’s positions.

    I hope, just for the sake of conserving time, resources, and unit cohesion that this doesn’t come down to any sort of PVP. But here we all are with our different characters, and what happens is all cool.

    So who are we waiting for to post next?

    Jack, for Noir’s reaction to getting helped?
    Ichante or Preston to see if they interfere?

    Just to help speed the action along, if Al is able to complete the First Aid action (it’ll take five combat turns or 15 seconds of game world time – and just in case it matters he’ll be able to take at least two other actions beside the First Aid in each of those turns), then his next thing will be to get her out from under the cube – easiest and much quickest way is with Ichante’s help, but these scrap cubes are getting moved around some way so I’ve assumed there’s a crane with a magnet around here somewhere, which he knows how to operate.

    But I won’t post (aside from maybe chit chat) any IC actions until we determine if the First Aid action goes through…..