Reply To: Texas Hold'em 2078 [IP]

  • jack_spade

    January 10, 2019 at 5:10 pm

    Noir let’s Al put on the bio-monitor and thanks him for his help: “You are a good man Al.” A pained yelp escapes her as Al prods at her legs. “Although I wouldn’t call you a gentle man.” The reading confirms that the legs are without circulation, otherwise, the output of the thing is confusing as it seems to have trouble with its diagnosis – essentially it’s wondering why Noir is as alive as she is. Still, Al manages to take the pain far enough away that he can tourniquet the legs, allowing the moving of the cube.

    Noir throws a withering look at Becky and her question: “IT’S FRAGGING RAINING LIKE A MOTHERFRAGGER. How are beings of fire supposed to do anything while being wracked with pain worse then I’m enduring here. Also even if it wasn’t raining what possible use would my fire spirits be to move this three ton block? They can’t lift it and if they tried to burn it away, they would fry me. So they are currently back at their metaplane where they belong, waiting for my call.”

    By now a deep puddle has formed and the hard packed earth gets easier to move by the second. While Al worked, Noir had made a bit of headway, especially now that her pain seems to have subsided.