Reply To: Shooting Stars [IC]

  • beta

    June 22, 2019 at 9:21 pm

    * Eliza: Honesty might be the right policy, if I can make him see my truth
    * Oleg: Who knows how you should treat an AI? They are a souless imitations of true minds
    * Coleman: A good enough imitation is indistinguishable from the real thing. So I’ll treat it as such.
    * Eliza: And I’m no good at spinning BS anyway. Much better to simply explain in a way that might make sense.

    <<I’m trying to prevent many lives likely being lost, and physical damage being done to the colony. There is a man who was brought here who is not a proper colonist. He has not been trained, and has not been given proper ID here. In itself this is dangerous to the colony because this is an uncontrolled element that is not being properly monitored.>>

    <<But the risk gets higher. A team has been sent to extract this man. They have successfully entered the base without causing it any damage. It seems likely that if they are noticed, people might try to stop them. The team, however, was chosen because of how dangerous they are, I doubt they can be stopped, and attempting to do so would risk loss of life and damage to the facility. Their preference is not to do damage, but if they have to use such means to complete their mission they will. I hope that you agree that a confrontation leading to death and damage would be a very negative outcome. >>

    Preston switches to cold sim.

    <<However, if they can pass through the facility without drawing attention, get the man, and take him back out, then the uncontrolled element is removed and no damage is done to the base. This should let it run in as close to optimum configuration as possible. Therefore, I am taking action in the matrix so that they will not be spotted on cameras, setting off an alarm.>>