Reply To: The Station

  • gilga

    June 27, 2019 at 6:05 am

    Shira spent the time making arrangements over the link and piecing together a plan along with Ben. They had all the things they needed to succeed, a container of toys purchased legally, which should arrive on a skeleton crewed ship to arrive in the harbor. Her expensive deck, had a satellite dish so matrix coverage was possible, and Negev had to bring Alex to the ship in the first place. The job was simple, get unloaded into the port, wait until late at night, switch containers and wait within the other container. Ben vetoed sneaking into the port as there are not many living being there at night and the watcher would identify an intruder imminently. Between the containers, however. With the many obsticles, it was possible to hide. The kids acted very maturely as they prepared everything, including the equipment they thought they needed to pull it off.

    At about 7:00 AM Ben texts Alex.
    >> We are ready, the kids worked all night to figure out a plan. Be kind to them, the final decision is yours. Have you tried Israeli breakfast? Brunch more likely… Unless you wake up early. We’re at the usual place, prepping the details.