Reply To: OOC: Shooting Stars

  • jack_spade

    July 5, 2019 at 4:13 pm

    Ini Spider drones:
    ini: 2#10+4d6 26 26

    Ini: Juggernaut
    ini: 14+4d6 32

    Defense: 10d6t5 5
    Soak Arrow
    Soak: 14d6t5 2
    Spider goes down

    Juggernaut uses Sensor Targeting Sensor Check: 18d6t5 8
    Becky Evade Sensor Test: 17d6t5 7
    Juggernaut attacks with ARES ARCHON HEAVY MP LASER
    Fire Laser: 20d6t5 7
    8P AP-10 + Net successes

    Spider starts to employ suppressive fire:

    Suppressive Fire: 12d6t5 4
    12P AP-8 unless you hit the dirt or get 4 hits on EDG+REA

    Spider defends against dataspike:
    Matrix Defense: 14d6t5 8
    Takes no Matrix Damage
    Your deck takes 5 reflected Matrix damage