Reply To: OOC: Shooting Stars

  • beta

    September 17, 2019 at 10:18 pm

    versus R7 host with A8 S10 D4 F5

    Deck, programs, etc. info per previous post, except when he goes to edit the files he replaces Stealth with Toolbox, raising Data Processing by one (while editing ASDF = 1/1/7/4)

    Looping first sensor:
    edit file (loop sensor): 17d6t5 8 sadly limits to 7
    Host resist (intuition (=rating=7)+Firewall (=5) host/file resist: 12d6t5 6
    phew, limits coming into play on that one.

    Looping second sensor
    loop sensor 2 (edit file): 17d6t5 4 ….errrr, I hate to do it, but spend another edge point to re-roll fails
    re-roll fails: 13d6t5 5 Total of 9, limits to 7
    file resist: 12d6t5 6
    Again close. Thank goodness for programs to stretch the abilities of cheap decks.