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  • mercy

    August 18, 2017 at 8:28 pm

    @Jan: Making up your mind, you nod to the girl and cross the street and she seems to undergo some sort of minor transformation as you walk towards her. Her face lights up and her arms go from crossed under her breasts to hanging at her side, letting you get a better view of what it is she is hoping you will want to buy. Her face is very pleasing to the eye and her bust, while not large, is very nice for her frame. You can see most of her legs and the heels she is wearing give them a toned look as they disappear up under the very short skirt she is wearing. Unlike some working girls, she actually appears to be in her late teens or very early twenties, not some much older woman pretending to be that young.

    As you get under the awning, she takes a step closer and runs a hand along your jaw line, her voice very pretty and a bit on the seductive side. “Looking for a bit of company on a rainy afternoon?”

    Your reply is a bit perfunctory as you ask what the price is and she does not miss a beat. “50 an hour and you cover the room charge. Two hour minimum. I promise you that you won’t be disappointed.”

    Your frown does not seem to disturb her as she has probably been at this back and forth game for as long as she has been working the streets. “20 for an hour and you cover the room.”

    Her smile could melt butter and her tinkling laugh is pleasant to the ear. “Oh no, handsome stranger, I am worth more than that. What about 40 and you still cover the room?”

    This is not your first rodeo with a hooker and you know that she is likely to go lower just to get the trick, especially on a day like today. “OK, last offer. 35 and you cover the room like a good girl. And I will leave a good tip if I like the service.”

    The girl almost purrs as she considers your offer then nods. “Done. And my name is Amber, unless you want it to be something else for the next two hours, which will not start until we are in my room.” She reaches for your hand and walks you into the building, which turns out to be some sort of shabby apartment building, with a small lobby and a cage for the man who hands out the keys. There is a torn faux-leather sofa against the wall under the grimy window and three plastic potted plants are placed around the small room and have apparently been given a new life as ashtrays and trash bins. Amber walks over to a small window in the mesh and iron bar cage and talks to the man for a couple of minutes, receiving a key in exchange. While she is doing that, the elevator dings and a not very pretty older woman walks out on the arm of a man who is wobbling on his feet. The smell of alcohol wafts to you as they pass and you notice that the woman gives you a very blatant stare as she scans up and down your body. The girl you are with comes up to you and slips an arm into yours as she nods to the elevator. “203.”

    The elevator smells a bit of alcohol and something else and the girl shakes her head. “That is probably going to be me some day.” She looks up at you. “But not today. Today I will be what you want. Tigress? Lamb? Something in between?”

    As you say tigress, the car shakes to a stop and the door opens on a hallway that has several door opening off of it. Amber smiles at you as she walks with you to room 203, giving an audible purr in her throat. “Tigress it is, then. I can do a very good tigress.” She slides the key across a rather modern looking maglock and opens the door, ushering you in. The room is surprisingly neat and odor free, although a sensitive nose can still detect the smell of a slightly lemon-scented cleaning solution. There is a window that is open a crack, letting a bit of rain-fresh air into the room as well as a slight breeze. A small planter sits on a wooden ledge under the window and you can see several flowers growing in it and a watering can on a hook to the right of the stand. The obvious piece of furniture in the room is the bed, which seems to take up fully half the room and does not give off the vibes of what you normally expect in a two-bit flop house used for prostitution. That observation would also hold true for the small bureau and table with two sturdy looking wooden chairs, all of which seem to be in good condition and clean. There are four books on the top of the bureau, one of which you notice is the Holy Bible in English and the others have spine titles in what you think is Russian, Japanese, and Chinese, as well as a very nice console for a sound system, the speakers of which are strategically placed around the room. There is a door on the left wall that probably opens to a closet and a nice patterned plush rug of good quality sits on the floor near the bed.

    Amber closes the door after you and you can hear the lock engage as it shuts. She looks at you and watches as you look around the room then walks past you to the bureau. She looks at the sound system and speaks softly to it. “Boris?”

    “Yes, Mistress Amber?”

    “Track four, I think.”

    “Of course, Mistress.”

    A softly pounding metallic beat fills the room from the speakers as she opens the top drawer of the bureau then turns to you, smiling. “I just love that “Mistress” bit.” She holds up a chip and reader and pushes a small button on the reader to extend a small needle that she uses to jab one of her fingers. Holding the front of the device up to you, she puts the finger in her mouth to lick the blood drops away as if waiting for something. It has been a long since you have seen a woman suck on her finger in such a seductive manner, if ever. A soft ping and a flashing red light goes solid green and she shows you the small screen, which indicates that the blood belongs to one Amber Holmes, age twenty-one. It also tells you that her stated profession is prostitute and that she is currently free of any STDs and is using birth control. After letting you read the device screen, she places it back into the bureau and closes the drawer. Amber then walks to the other door, opening it to indeed reveal a closet. She takes several hangers from the closet and brings them to the bed, placing them there as she crooks a finger at you. “I will be your tigress for two hours, but first let’s get these clothes off and hanging up. There is a unit in the closet that will dry them out for you, or mostly, anyway, depending on how wet they are when they go in. She moves closer to you and begins to strip you, adding a personal touch by kissing and touching your body as it is exposed. Her touch is almost electric and it sends small jolts of pleasure through you. When you move your hands to touch her, she pushes them away. “I am the tigress here, not the lamb, remember? You will get your chance in a few minutes.” She chuckles as she kisses one of your nipples and rolls it with her tongue. “Maybe.”

    Every time she finishes removing a piece of your clothing, she puts it on a hanger and takes it to the closet, and the effect is almost maddening for you. When she kneels at your feet to remove your boots, your hardness is straining at your pants, but she seems to not even notice as she carefully removes one boot at a time, rising to place them near the door before returning to kneel on the rug at your feet. Finally, she moves her hands and releases your belt, drawing your pants to the floor and helping you step out of them, still blatantly ignoring the massive hard on spearing at her. Once your pants are also hung up, she returns to her kneeling position and places her hands around the girth of your manhood and begins an oral seduction unlike any you have ever had before. The experience seems to go on forever, with her hands, tongue and mouth teasing you to the point of finishing then backing off. Again and again and again. Finally, you can hold it back no longer and let out a roar as you explode into her very willing mouth with a fury of something long pent up. She gamely tries to swallow it all, but the sheer volume means that some escapes to run down her chin. When you are spent, she uses her mouth to clean you up then takes her fingers and wipes up what she can of what had spilled from her mouth, sucking her fingers clean in the process.

    Amber stands and you again hear the sound that seems quite close to a purr as she smiles at you and takes you to sit on the bed. “Now it is my turn to strip for you.”