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  • jack_spade

    August 19, 2017 at 5:48 am

    John had set down the merc for a moment to close the lid above and oriented himself. Afterward he’d have to hose down himself completely – not for the first time he was thankful for having chosen the advanced amphibious upgrade for himself. His ultrasound and radar sensors gave him a pretty good picture of the underworld – including the scurrying rats.
    He wasn’t particularly concerned about ghouls. He had no aura to speak of and also no smell that would tell them food. The wounded merc was a whole other story. But them’s the breaks.
    Loading her back up across his shoulders, carrying the rifle in it’s sling he made his way forward, guided by the faintest of matrix signals that his advanced systems could just about track. He’d need to change his appearance once again. For that he would need a mirror and a few minutes with the tools he carried.
    As quickly and silent as possible he moved through the subterranean world of Seattle. According to his maps, it was a few miles before he would encounter the first extends of the orc underground.
    Meanwhile he kept an eye on the bio-monitor he had stuck to the merc. He’d have to act fast if she showed to be be in critical condition – or about to wake up. Of course that would be entirely academic should they stumble upon a nest of devil rats or something worse…