Reply To: OoC

  • adamu

    August 19, 2017 at 6:15 am

    @Mercy – okay, yeah, that’s an eery scene for Al.

    Obviously we’ve definitely established that Al doesn’t meet Alyce between Cambodia and London….

    But it’s not every day that a “blind” female elf with a brown ponytail that can “see” perfectly well shows up in a completely random bar….I suppose you have something up your sleeve here and won’t ask you to spill the beans.

    But before I post I need to confirm that despite the monumental coincidences this does NOT appear to be Alyce…..or if it does “appear” to be Alyce then let me know that.

    Obviously Al in 2075 does not know he won’t see Alyce again until London in 2076…so I may have to play along with something here…

    But also please keep in mind the massive defenses Al has against spells and mental manipulations, if this is somebody making some kind of play on him….

    Anyway, all I really need to know is does it look like Alyce or not?
    (The description was like saying big, gray, four feet, a tail – could be an elephant, but could just as easily not be).