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  • mercy

    August 21, 2017 at 9:47 am

    @Jan: Amber gives you a disappointed pout but makes no effort to stop you. She gets out of bed and walks naked to the closet, opening it to bring you your clothes, which are, in fact, mostly dry. While you dress, she walks to the bureau and presses some keys on the console there, all the while moving her body to the techno music in a manner that is completely sensuous. There is a small whir sound and she rips a piece of paper from a printer and turns to hand it to you.

    “Here is a comcode to use, lover. You have been incredible and I rather hope that you do use it. My system tells me that it is pouring outside so those clothes will not be dry for long. I hope that you have not been disappointed. ”

    She turns and opens the second drawer in the bureau, removing a small bottle and walking over to you in her almost mesmerizing manner to stand at your back. You feel a cool sensation as she touches your back in several locations. “Sorry about the scratches, but you were driving me wild. This lotion will soon have them gone. You will know it has worked when the tingling stops, but it will take a couple of hours, though, so you might want to avoid showing a wife or girlfriend your back for a bit. Now, you have to wait while I put a robe on. I have to accompany you out of the building.” The lotion goes from cool to a bit of a tingle within a few seconds of her applying. It is not uncomfortable, but you know it is there.

    Amber puts on a robe that does not really do much good at hiding her natural assets and walks with you to the elevator and rides it down with you. Three prostitutes are standing in the lobby, looking out the window at the rain and talking softly amongst themselves. At the door, Amber gives you a last, lingering kiss. She was telling the truth about the rain, which is pouring down in sheets that limit your visibility to less than twenty feet. The prostitute puts a hand on your arm. “You really need to go out in this drek right now? A couple of hours more and it could all stop.”