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  • mercy

    August 21, 2017 at 11:33 am

    Tuesday, 26 November, Various Locations, Seattle

    @Al: The confirmation text from Torrent comes in as expected as does the response to your follow-on text. >>Ahhhh. I thought it was something like that. Still, it makes sense to verify why someone is willing to give me 250K. I have got back with the other party and they have made the deposit. This could be an easy 25K for me, unless you expect something to go wrong? Is there anything I can do to help in this? We can negotiate a fee for any assistance.<<

    @Jan: You wave away the girl’s offer and head out into the rain, almost immediately regretting that decision as you are completely soaked in less than a minute of walking. Still, you need a ‘link of some kind to communicate with your companions and you are not getting one while in that room, despite how comfortable it was. Thinking of the physical attributes of the whore and her rather significant talent for pleasuring you gets you several blocks down the street. You are looking for one of the ubiquitous Stuffer Shacks and eventually find one, going in and picking up a couple of burner ‘links. It takes a few minutes, but you eventually dredge Al’s code from memory and put it into one of the burners then make the call. >>Al, ya cheesy Fokker. Had to ditch the fokkin ‘link to keep them bastards from trackin me. Hope that you get this and let me know where and when. Hate this fokkin town and its fokkin rain. Send me a message.<<

    @Glo: The woman lets you sleep on the bed and you are out almost as soon as you lie down. You wake when your ‘link alerts you of an incoming text. Looking about to get your bearings, you see the prostitute sitting on one of the cheap chairs in the room, her legs up on the other one as she scans a tablet of some sort. She looks up as you stir and smiles. “You were out for a couple of hours, love. I hope it was enough.”

    You nod and shake your head, looking around. The woman points to a small decanter and a couple of chipped mugs on a bureau against the wall. “Water over there if you need it. There is a bathroom down the hall, but I have to escort you there if you need to use it.”

    Getting out of bed, you realize that you are thirsty and that you do need to use the toilet. You pour some water into one of the mugs and then nod to her. “Yeah, I need to use the toilet.”

    She nods in return and stands up, slipping her feet into a pair of bunny slippers and motioning to the door. The trip to the common use bathroom is uneventful and you notice that she switches a sign on the door from “unoccupied” to “Occupied – Women”. Taking a key from a pocket, she unlocks the door and lets you in. “I’ll be right outside in case you need anything.”

    Reading the text from Al, while you use the toilet, you send one back to him. So much has not gone according to plan so far that you toy with the idea of blowing him off, but then they might be of help in finishing your task and you would lose any money to be gained from the mercenary woman. Shrugging, you send a response. >>Got your message. Be there shortly.<<

    Leaving the bathroom, you find the woman waiting for you. She switches the signs back and escorts you down the hallway to the stairs when you indicate that you will be leaving. At the outer door, you see that you can barely see. Or, rather, that the visibility outside had dropped to less than twenty feet due to the rain. Summoning a cab, you scamper out to it when it shows up and direct the driver to get you to a block away from the address Al has given you.