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  • jack_spade

    August 22, 2017 at 3:13 am

    Step 1 done, now to step 2.
    John emerged from the sewers close to an automated car wash. With this downpour no-one was interested in paying to get their cars wet.
    He had deactivated all his electronics wireless for the next part. Carrying a tag that he carefully wrapped to look like a dodge scoot, he entered the cheap car wash box.
    Jets of water began to cascade over him, washing away the filth. The smart brushes began to rotate and John was aware that this wasn’t the best way to treat the expensive fabric, but for a quick shower it would have to do.
    Finally the large blow drier activated and John made sure that all his gear got reasonable dry (he had left the backpack with his equipment and the rifle outside.
    Once he was done with that, he used one of his burner links to book a two hour stay at a coffin motel, taking care to again use one that was fully automated.
    Changing their face inside the cramped confines would have been taxing for anyone who couldn’t just rotate their limbs into any position at will.
    He moved the fake cheekbones a little to the side and down, relaxed the tension holders to give his face a more wrinkled and aged appearance and reduced the forehead a bit, while enlarging the nostrils. When he was done, he looked more like a Korean with a mixed decent than a Chinese – not that most people on the street would recognize or care about the difference.
    Finally, he downloaded a new skin for his electrochromic clothing, turning the Agent Black into a more subdued Caretaker Grey. The download suggested to invert the suit and coat collar and change the sleeves. He made sure his WTLM program was running correctly, all the while recharging his batteries at the room’s outlet. One of the wending machines had provided him with a cheap rain poncho and another breathing mask.
    Finally, when he was satisfied that he would be unrecognizable both for humans and facial recognition software, he used the burner link to call Triad Tanya.
    <<Hey Honey, you might have seen it on the news, but we ran into a spot of trouble with some contractors. They were probably hired by Rick or one of his bosses. There is a high chance that they or people like them will be at the function tonight. If you have any remaining, loyal people I’d suggest getting them kitted out and start sweeping the area for duck blinds and fireworks encampments. That’s what they used on us. It might have been a trial run for tonight, so stay safe.
    We’ll meet up with you as agreed.>>

    Disguise check: 13d6t5 7

    Sneak: 20d6t5 10
    -2 to notice John, due to his Quality: Subtle Drone Pilot

    SUBTLE [VEHICLE] PILOT COST: 4 KARMA Other riggers can be flashy or showy, but you know the value of getting your work done while appearing like part of the normal traffic—or like part of the background you’re passing. When you are piloting a craft on the ground, in the water, or in the air, anyone trying to spot you gets a –2 dice pool penalty to their Perception Test to find you. This includes drones, as long as you are directly controlling them instead of letting your software for the work. This quality can be selected once for each particular Pilot skill, including the various Pilot Exotic Craft skills. The type of craft it applies to must be selected when it is purchased.

    That done, John went to the meeting place, taking care not to appear in the matrix with more than a fresh burner link.
    Al looked surprised when suddenly a hunched, Korean looking man appeared in the room through the now open window.
    “No need for alarm, it’s me, John. I had the distinct feeling that I had a tail on me even in the sewers, so I went to some lengths to shake them. And we probably shouldn’t stay here for long after you contacted the mercs. At least one of us might have been spotted already.”
    The tossed a small bag on the bed: “Here’s your rifle back, Jan. Don’t worry, easy breakdown mod means you can puzzle it back together in no time. But I needed to carry it unobtrusively.
    So, any ideas for a new transport? After tonight we might have to make a quick getaway, considering that the op-force might send another cyberleg babe after us. Preferably something without hidden doors and hacked remote controls.”