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  • adamu

    August 25, 2017 at 1:34 pm

    Al didn’t bother replying to the Germans, but sent a brief thank you to Torrent along with the number for his MIB account. His funds were there less than a minute later.

    He didn’t say anything, though, until John had arrived. “Alrighty, we done netted two-twenny-five fer our trouble with Miss Manners. I’ve got it all in my account at Malaysian Independent Bank. Shoot me any particulars on where ya want yer shares transferred. Then, turnin’ ta other loose ends, since some o’ y’all were incommunicado fer a bit, we done left Ving-a-ling naked an’ half-dead behind a warehouse a couple hours back. Reckon ya really want yer hooks back in him, ya can track him easily enough. Or else jist push the button on him. Me, I got bored with the snivellin’ fat slob.”