Reply To: IC 2076 Pt2

  • aria

    February 5, 2018 at 12:34 pm

    @The Team
    [Thursday November 5th, 2076; Rendezvous near the Body Mall, Redmond Barrens]

    Pepper looked incredulous “you fucking elves hear you’re beautiful every single fucking day so don’t give me that shit!” she waved at the incoming bikers, all without the gun wavering off Alyce “Hector, this slitch is going to ride with you, you can thank me later! Now let’s get the fuck out of here, the smell is giving me a fucking headache” as she mounted up behind one of the other bikers Alyce’s trained eye easily detected the pained way she was holding herself…whatever had happened on the run it hadn’t been comfortable…

    Hector proved to be a large and well-muscled orc “hang on tight darlin’ this is going to be fast” and Alyce had a moment to wonder whether she was going to be offered a helmet before the six bikes spun around in a roar of high octane energy and with a couple of flashy displays from those not carrying extra weight began to high tail it back towards more civilised parts of the ‘plex…