Reply To: IC 2076 Pt2

  • adamu

    February 5, 2018 at 2:29 pm

    Al could drive fast. And Al could drive sneaky.

    Doing both at the same time was alway a trick.

    So keeping up with the bikers’ breakneck speed while at the same time going unnoticed would have been a problem….

    Except that Al had Ghost Rick. Al’s friend had been concerned about the bikers heading deeper into the Glow, but they were making for downtown, so no worries. Al set off on a parallel course, driving like a demon to keep up, but a couple of streets over. He couldn’t see them, but with Rick letting him know about course changes, he was never far off.

    “Heh heh – teamwork makes the dream work,” he muttered to himself as he careened down a secondary road with his GridGuide override active.

    Not to mention he had the GPS in Alyce’s ‘link tied to his HUD, but at some point the bikers were likely to get that shut off – if they had any brains anyway.