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  • nightraven

    February 6, 2018 at 2:25 pm

    Wednesday afternoon, 27 November, Matrix, Bright Path Casino, Seattle

    He had shut down the Transsys ‘link but nothing happened. No flurry of activity showing that it had marked his deck, no one to take advantage of that fact, no one to rush and switch it back on… nothing. Torque floated in VR starring at the van. He had missed something along the way, he didn’t have enough information. The van was a rental… he could use that, maybe. He checked again what company it was rented from and issued a search of which location the van, with VIN number, was rented from and under whose name.

    While the Matrix cycled his request he decided to see if there were any other wireless signals coming from the van, ones that might be operating in silent mode then jumped into the fly-spy near the van and flew around the van looking for any opening that the tiny drone could slip through to get an accurate view of the inside. Finding the van sealed, all windows up and no damage significant enough puncture the outer body, he flipped the drone’s visual feed over to thermographic imaging. This would show him if there were warm bodies inside waiting.