IC 2076 Pt2

  • IC 2076 Pt2

    Posted by aria on November 16, 2017 at 8:14 am

    [Thursday November 5th, 2076; Argent’s Home, NE 37th Street, Bellevue]

    Silk paced restlessly around the main living space, unsure of herself and her path for the first time in what seemed like a long time. Outside she listened to the bangs of fireworks from the British family living a couple of houses over and then shook her head at the diversion. After so many years of searching for answers to her mother’s death, to be confronted by her ghost and then to have her snatched away again had been difficult to bear but her mother had assured her that she’d made various plans and that they would meet again soon. It seemed that moment might be close at hand, provided of course that Silk could assist her once again.

    And there was the rub, the message, which she had verified as genuine, was asking for help to escape Evo’s clutches. Apparently the first runner team her mother had hired in preparation for this moment had failed dramatically. Although that meant a tight timescale before Evo could connect the run to her mum, that wasn’t the real heart of the problem. No, that was that somehow with the aid of the CFD victims at the SeaTec facility, or those held by Evo perhaps, her mother had transferred her consciousness once more in to a metahuman body.

    She had assured Silk that the host was part of a fledgling Evo donor programme, the hosts coming from Evo citizens who had suffered irreversible brain injuries and were essentially blank slates. But Silk strongly suspected that selling that to Isaint and Al was going to be an uphill struggle. There were other teams out there that she could call on, but for this she wanted the best, and that meant Isaint, Al, Alyce and Rick. Bale would have been willing to help her she was sure but he was over the other side of the damn world and the rest of the team had scattered for a while.

    So with some trepidation she sent the message to the team

    >>I have been contacted by the eGhost of mum again. She hasn’t managed to wriggle free from Evo’s grasp yet and is asking for my help. And I am asking for yours. But it is only fair to tell you that she has downloaded her consciousness in to a human body via a nanite overwrite. The host had signed a donor form permitting that, it’s an Evo program that I am sure Alyce will be able to verify exists through her contacts. She was sadly no longer self-aware when the transformation happened so nobody has stolen anyone’s body. But I know how you feel about CFD and I don’t know if this is enough to persuade you to help me? I will certainly owe each of you a favour in addition to the normal remuneration for a risky shadowrun. She is being held at an Evo research facility here in Seattle and I’ve already begun to gather intel to assist an extraction. Please help me get mum back! I need to know soon, there was a botched run on the facility last night so the window is snapping closed as we speak.


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  • adamu

    November 16, 2017 at 5:46 pm

    Al was blowing smoke at the ceiling, lying on his back on the ratty old sofa in what was once the office of a twice-abandoned auto shop deep in the ruined wastes of Hell’s Kitchen. It had first been abandoned when the injuns had dropped millions of tons of volcanic ash on a peaceful little town called Orting, turning it and the surrounding communities into what was now the Puyallup Barrens. Then it was abandoned a second time when the Triads and the Mafia had gotten mad enough at its new owner that they were getting ready to come down here after him, even if it meant mounting a veritable expeditionary force to cross the trackless no-man’s land of dust and lava flow with enough force to challenge the walled and armed Mechanicals community. Not wanting to bring that sort of trouble down on their heads, he’d taken his dog and left town.

    And now, almost a year later, he was back. But like his favorite Beat writer Diane Di Prima had said, “You never really can go back to anywhere.” Sure, they’d kept the place for him. And looked after his snakes (because he’d paid them to). But Spike wasn’t here. The fridge was bare of beer. And while he could stay, he didn’t really have a place here anymore. Sure, they’d put him to work if he asked, but he knew he couldn’t stay long. The people he’d pissed off had long memories, and a reputational stake in public vengeance. He was pretty sure they didn’t know he was back yet. But that couldn’t last forever…..

    Then Silky’s text. He supposed if he was a real friend he’d just sit down and try to tell her that he mother was dead. That people can’t live on past mortality as nanites, no matter how cleverly their algorithms sourced the person’s history and replicated their behavioral patterns. But he knew she’d never accept it. And as long as she really believed some headcase in the Evo compound was her mother…well, yeah, he hated the soul-snatchers, but that damage was now done and he if could bring some peace to Silky out of it….

    <<I’m in. Send the schematics if’n ya got ’em, or the address so I can start figurin’ ’em fer myself.>>

  • jack_spade

    November 17, 2017 at 4:34 am

    Isaint was in the middle of a particularly straining pull up when his comm activated. Arthur was kind enough to open the message for him as most of his concentration was focused on not letting go of the 50kg weight he held gripped with his toes. Despite the mat on the ground the floor showed quite a lot dents by now where his focus and grip had slipped.
    Arthur reciting the content of the message, was enough for him to slip a few bricks.

    Giving up the exercise for the moment, Isaint got down from the equipment and read it again for himself.

    He stared for a few moments out of his window on the beautiful mountain panorama before compiling a reply:

    <<Hello Silk,

    I can’t say I’m surprised about Evo’s reaction. After all that new body poses a considerable infection risk. My own feelings not-withstanding, I can see why you’d want to help your parent – or her ghost. And since you’ll do it anyway, no matter if I say yes, just with a slightly less competent or reliable team, I won’t let you hang.

    Give me two days for getting my place ready an to ship some of my equipment.>>

  • aria

    November 21, 2017 at 11:28 am

    [Thursday November 5th, 2076; Argent’s Home, NE 37th Street, Bellevue]

    Silk breathed a small sigh of relief, Isaint and Al had always been the ones she had been concerned she would have the most trouble convincing, if they were on board it was likely that the rest of the team would join them. She felt honoured by their loyalty, in such uncertain times it was a rare commodity. The Old One may call them Fate Breakers, but for Silk she felt they might be classed as friends first, and in the shadows that was perhaps even rarer than loyal companions.

    >>I’m sending you through the data that I have now. It’s a secure research park just north of Downtown in Northgate, just off the I5. Records show there used to be a mall there but Evo bought it up and flattened it. There aren’t any records of floor plans I could find as it was built by their own specialist contractors so unless you fancy a raid on the Evo data cores we may be better off drone mapping it ourselves from a distance. Unless Alyce, you have any connections that you could use? I don’t want to you to risk compromising yourself though, given that there was already a hit on the place.


  • adamu

    November 21, 2017 at 2:51 pm

    Al skimmed through the basically empty folder of data Silky had sent him. Looked like they were starting from scratch. And that meant getting up off the damned sofa.

    He went into the old garage’s work area and flipped the tarp off his Gaz. He’d done a lot of custom work on it – though it could use more. Trouble was, it basically seated two, or three if someone wanted to ride bitch. No good for transporting the whole team. But then again, he didn’t really understand why all the crews on the trid always wanted to clumped together in one ride anyway. Came down ta cheaper production costs, he reckoned, but didn’t really seem like a smart way to do things.

    In any case, only one extra seat was enough for the girl with the drones, assuming she’d stuck around in Seattle. The drones. Yeah. That’s why he was calling her instead of Isaint or Rick. Sure.

    The Gaz turned over when he hit the button like he’d driven her yesterday. He caught himself starting to whistle for Spike….He’d have to get back to London at some point soon, if only to pick up his animal. Pulled out of the shop, trundled through the minefield of potholes-cum-ponds that had once been Orting’s main drag, and then shot the shit with some guards as they hauled the big gates open for him. He had a long drive just to get out of Puyallup, and he’d need all four wheels the whole way. Then up half the length of the plex from there, and hopefully none of his enemies were bothering to monitor traffic cams for his ride after all this time. Right, who was he kidding, when all it took was a fraction of the processing power of one dedicated agent to watch the feeds for his plates until the end of time. But he was pretty sure they didn’t know about the Salesco ID, so he toggled the plates to that and hoped for the best.

    Once he was underway, he texted Alyce. <<Ya still in town? Ya doin’ this thing fer Silky? Where ya at? An’ ya wanna go fer a ride?>>

  • obidancer

    November 22, 2017 at 6:25 pm

    Deckard was sitting in his favorite street food stall, a ramen shop in the south downtown area, near the Pike Place Market. The steam of his bowl was heating up his face as he was hungrily slurping on the tasty ramens with the help of plastic chopsticks. A light rain from which the stall was barely protecting against, and the mass of people – workers, drifters, gangers sometimes – were moving along their business, made it a pretty scenic evening. It had been almost 5 years than he had left Seattle.

    Surely, it would take some time to ‘reactivate’ some of his contact, but not knowing how long he would actually stay in town, maybe it was better to wait. Nevertheless, he grew up in the Shadow community here in the Emerald City. Both his parents were well renown Runners; he had no doubt he could easily make contact with a few other runners and get the feel of what was going on these days.

    That was his first meal of the day. He had been busy those last few weeks since returning from their Polynesian trip. He and his teammates, or should he now say friends, had agreed to take some time off to get their bearings back in Seattle. And Deckard had kept himself pretty busy. Outside of renting a small apartment, filling it to the brink with his Magical Lodge, get a modified car, and meet a few old acquaintances, he had spent most of his days exploring his Magical skills to discover new secrets. He had been inspired by the Mechanicals and their Submarine microcosm of chaos and order, science and magic, and their use of spirits to assist with their technological world.
    He had managed to summon a sort of Spirit outside if his sphere of expertise. It had opened up for him a new realm of possibilities. On one hand he wanted to keep developing that ability. On the other hand he couldn’t wait until he showed his companions what he was now capable of.

    Then came Silk’s message, like the hammer of a judge, deciding of the outcome of the choice he was presented with. He was going to see his friends again, in a very short time. And once again he was going to risk his life with them. But Deckard hadn’t answered Silk just yet.
    With the Seer’s words came a lot of thoughts about his own life and experience. Mostly about his dead wife Cora and how Evo had suddenly stepped in. Could it be linked to those experiments to use nanites for an AI to take control of a body? Could Cora had become a host? Or an e-ghost waiting for one? And how deceivingly wrong was that?
    Then there was the recording Robyn had given him… showing Evo had done everything to save her… It had settled him. Helped him putting this behind. But why? Why would Evo spend all these resources and a talent like Robyn to save or not a Technomancer and Shadowrunner? A cover up that Robyn wouldn’t be aware of?

    Deckard tried to swallow a too big of a mouthful of hot noodles. Had he simply become yet another paranoid runner, his mind clouded by the loss of his love one?

    He washed his mouth with a glass of green tea, or whatever sort of flavored hot liquid it was. A run on Evo could be the key to some more answers, even if it concluded he already had all the answers.

    He grabbed his commlink and typed a message back to Silk. >> I’m in, if the other three are too.<<

  • mercy

    November 23, 2017 at 1:47 pm

    Thursday November 5th, 2076; Suite 1702, Seattle Hilton, Downtown, Seattle

    Al. Just thinking of him for perhaps the gajillionth time since they landed in Seattle sends pangs of desire, regret, and loneliness through her. She has tried so very hard to get him off her mind but that task has proven to be entirely impossible. She had hoped to have a nice vacation with him here in Seattle, but he had practically ghosted on her, telling her that he had things to do. His manner of speech had made it clear that she was not needed wherever he had needed to go. For the first time in their relationship……….hah, some relationship…………Alyce had remained mostly quiet, not willing to open her mouth and say the wrong thing. She had simply told him that she would be staying in Seattle and that he should call her if he needed help, wanted to grab a bit, or maybe just wanted to talk to her. Apparently he had not wanted any of those things because the private commcode she had given him had never been used.

    She had sat alone in a very dark hotel room for three days, trying to puzzle out just what she might have done to ruin her chances with the man who was more important to her than the air she breathed. She had called up every event they had ever shared, trying to figure out what she had said and done to turn him away from her. Careful and brutal soul-searching had winnowed the possible issues to three, two her and one his. Her issues were that she tried too hard and that she opened her mouth to talk to him about it and his issue was that Alyce just was not the sort of girl he was interested in. Every instance that her marvelous brain dredged up from the past showed that everything was fine as long as they were talking about the mission they were on, but that she always managed to say the absolutely wrong thing when it came to their personal life. Her memory also pointed out that Al had said that he loved her but the reality was that he seemed very comfortable with having her naked in his presence but had managed to never really touch her, hold her, make love to her, or give any sort of physical indication that he was in love with her.

    Al had never shown a desire or inclination to change, so maybe it was time for Alyce to make a change. After all, Al was important enough to her that she was willing to try just about anything. She has overcome immense odds to get to where she is in her life and should be able to change enough to at least show him that she is trying. First, no more messages of undying love as that seems to do nothing but chase him away. Second, no more speeches like that, either, for the same reason. Giving up her sharing lifestyle is a hard decision to make, but one that seems to be necessary and, if she is honest with herself, that has been less and less important to her for some time now.

    After the three days, Alyce had emerged into the world, hopefully a new woman, at least as far as Al was concerned. Hopefully he would give her the chance to show him the new her. Resolved to not bother Al with unnecessary messages, she had sent just one text. >>Al [Alyce]: Hey you. Just me. I am wondering how you are doing and if you will be finished with your tasks any time soon. Would love to get together with you for dinner some time. Not sure if I will be remaining in Seattle long as it seems that Rick, ISaint, and you have all just gone somewhere. I am on holiday and have no one to spend it with. Seattle seems like a good place to just be a tourist, though, so I will be here for a few more days at least. Maybe I will hear from you, but if not, please at least think of me once in a while. I love you, Al.<<

    The days in Seattle had flown past and she had kept finding reasons to stay one more day. And now, just as she had been considering returning home to Cornwall, she gets the message from Silk. The tag indicates that she has sent the message to all four of them, but if any are replying, they are doing it individually and not replying to all. Before Alyce sends any sort of response to Silk, she sends a very specific information request to her EVO contacts reference this body donor program. She shamelessly used her contacts in the AAA Corporation, cashed in favors owed to her, and promised favors to others and finally got the information she needed. Still, she shakes her head; even though the program does actually exist and its donors are supposedly entirely voluntary, she knows that Al and ISaint will have a hard time accepting that. Still it is something and they might do it just to help Silk. In any case she is in. The concept is far from new, sitting on the cutting edge of a new science. The thought rather excites her, actually.

    Alyce is formatting her response to Silk when her ‘link pings her with the signal that Al has finally contacted her. She delays answering long enough to get her breathing under control then opens the note. >>Al [Alyce]: Yes, I am still in Seattle and will be helping Silk out. I am at the Seattle Hilton and would love to go on a ride with you. Are we getting dirty or is this dress-up? I can be ready at any time so give me a place to be and the time to be there.<<

    Immediately after sending the message to Al, she sends another. >>Silk, Al, ISaint, Rick [Alyce]: Silk, I would be honoured to be able to assist you. I have done some initial research and the programme you speak of does indeed exist and does apparently use only people who have signed up for it in advance, much like organ donors. I am very interested in the science behind this programme Thank you for thinking of me.<<


  • adamu

    November 24, 2017 at 7:24 am

    Al was circumventing a particularly treacherous sinkhole when he got Alyce’s reply.

    He considered just making a voice call, but then he might have to stay on the line to just chat or something, and there’d be more than enough time for that later. So he voiced another text. <<Where yer at’s fine, an’ dress how ya want. Jist gon’ be inna truck. But bring any good drones ya got handy – like ta take a little ol’ look-see at this here zombie factory. Be there in a coupla hours.>>

    It crossed his mind to have her start researching the place, but he figured she was already on it.

  • aria

    November 24, 2017 at 11:24 am

    [Thursday November 5th, 2076; Argent’s Home, NE 37th Street, Bellevue]

    >>Thank you all! I appreciate that this is a difficult ask for some of you. I have heard a whisper that one of the runners that breached the research park yesterday managed to escape EVO clutches, if we can find him and debrief him it could be invaluable to get an insight in to their security protocols. I will set my network to finding him and I will hopefully have some news for you in the next few hours. Once we have some more intel we can get together and talk about an insertion route. I know that rush jobs can lead to complications but I don’t want to risk losing mum again!

    And with that Silk went back to the spider’s web and began twitching the virtual threads that would start to bring information streaming in to her web for analysis. In the matrix Gossamer was already collating any titbits that might prove of interest, backed by a small army of data processing agents and smart software platforms. Silk settled in to a semi trance and let the data wash over her, allowing her Gift to highlight Patterns for her to follow far faster than her conscious mind could process…


  • obidancer

    November 24, 2017 at 12:18 pm

    Deckard swiped his credstick to pay for the Ramens and headed back to his car. The new Mercury Comet had been a decent purchase for his stay in Seattle. He had of course installed the essential for any reputable Shadowrunner: Spoof Chip, Morphing Plates and GridLink Override were a must have. He had also complemented the purchase with a sophisticated Anti-theft system and went a bit overboard with the comfort of the seats and integrated AR system. Upon settling inside in the driver’s seat, his satisfaction kicked in, pretty happy to have spent a little extra for the amenities.
    His comlink connected to the AR system, and Deckard prepared for contacting the rest of the Team, when a violent shock made him jump out of his seat. Two big orks wrestling each others came banging on the engine hood, the two oblivious of the term personal property. It pissed off the Magician. One of the Ork pinned the other one and squeezed his face against the windshield.
    Infuriated, Deckard called upon his now always on Magic Finger Spell. As invisible hands grabbed the Orks by the back of the neck, a soft motion of his fingers made the two wrestlers be thrown away almost across the street. Deckard tended to forget his “magic hands’ were as strong as a Troll.

    The Magician proceeded to insult them and drive away.

    He made the call: >> Good evening team! I’m near Pike Place Market, Downtown. If anyone care to join, or need a lift. I’m going to make a round of some old places I know, maybe get a feel of what’s the words on the street about that botched run. Maybe if I’m lucky get info of the Runner Silky mentioned. What’s you guys and gal’s 20? <<

  • jack_spade

    November 24, 2017 at 12:49 pm

    Isaint had just arrived with the 1900h S-K suborbital. The ticket had been expensive as hell, but the comfort and speed had been worth it. He had only little experience with Seattle and was curious to learn more about the secluded harbor city. Unfortunately, he hadn’t been able to bring the majority of his gear into town – not enough connections to do so on such short notice.
    But at least Torrent had come through and given him an address where he should get the basics – beyond the taser and the high class armored suit he wore.

    <<Hey Rick, talk about wizards and right timing. I just arrived a half hour ago and am still getting my bearing. If you have wheels I don’t need to buy them myself. I’m at gate 4, nursing a beer. Much obliged if you can pick me up.>>

  • mercy

    November 24, 2017 at 1:09 pm

    Thursday November 5th, 2076; Suite 1702, Seattle Hilton, Downtown, Seattle

    Alyce quickly changes into something comfortable, packing a number of her small drones away, two in her hair and several on her clothing, setting all but one on silent. She takes up her RCC and throws a raincoat and umbrella over one arm as she leaves the suite, heading to the express elevator for the lobby. Her sensors give the blind woman the ability to maneuver through the various decorations and people cluttering the spacious lower level and she passes through the door to the outside, nodding a thanks to the ever-polite doorman.

    The valet as the curb turns to her. “Will you be needing a cab today, Miss?”

    Alyce shakes her head as she smiles at the young man. “No, thank you. A friend is picking me up.”

    >>Al [Alyce]: I am waiting just outside the Hilton. See you in a few.<< She smiles again, congratulating herself on keeping it short and to the point.

    She also replies to Rick’s message. >>Team [Alyce]: Al is on his way to pick me up, Rick, thanks for the offer.<<

    While waiting, she opens up various windows and begins getting any information she can on the building they are interested in.


  • obidancer

    November 24, 2017 at 1:48 pm

    Done deal, I’ll be there under 20min. Don’t drink all the beer already. We’re heading to some shady places tonight,
    You’ll get the chance to show your tolerence.

    Deckard set his car on auto drive, and opened up an AR display of Seattle.

    So a botched run on an EVO building. One runner made it out alive. Could be wounded, on the run, hidding. Word on the street spread fast, and within the community, these things would be great gossip. Luckily, Deckard had grown up in the Shadow Community. He just had to hit a few bars or eateries where runners like to hang, speak to the right persons, and maybe check the activity of activity few safehouses. With a little money, persuasion and lot of alcohol, he felt confident he could dig some info of either that runner, or the run itself. Combined with what Silk will be able to dig out, that could he their first lead.

    He arrived at SeaTec. No one he would recognize was waiting, but that wasn’t surprising for Isaint. Deckard dint even bothered asking him what he looked like today. Instead the Magician had switched to his Astral sight, looking at the travelers signature until he found the familiar aura of his friend.
    Auras never lied, thanks the gods for it.

    Care for a ride, stranger? Deckard asked ISaint as he slowly drove by.

  • jack_spade

    November 24, 2017 at 2:05 pm

    Isaint had gone for a bit of elder statesman look – a little grey in the receding hairline, a neatly trimmed beard and a little more worry lines across the face. He carried only his briefcase and the latest Sleeping Tiger with the fitting coat to go with it.
    “Nice to see you again.”
    Isaint got into the car, enjoying the smell of a new automobile.
    “I just wished I’d kept my stuff here with the snake handler instead of shipping it all back to Europe.
    After the meet, I’d like to ask you for a little detour. Torrent hooked me up with a dealer connection called The Sunkit, operates from the docks ans according to him has all the stuff I want. Don’t know if it’s true, but it certainly beats going into danger with nothing but a taser, a cestus and ballistic mask. Customs was really interested in that one. Had to disguise it as memorabilia of some famous UrbanWar player.
    Oh and by the way: Since I learned how to neutralize any drug with just a touch, bar crawling is no challenge anymore.”

  • obidancer

    November 24, 2017 at 11:08 pm

    Neutralize drugs with touch, what, you’re becoming some sort of sorcerer too? Didn’t know your… kind… could do that, but then you managed to mimic my levitation spell. Not too surprised anymore. What else should I be teaching you? Hehe.

    That’s a good look on you, by the way Quite a change from the layers of armor you usually stack.
    However you may be a bit overdressed for where I was planning on taking you, you know, dive bars and runners hangouts.
    Why don’t we first start with your visit to that dealer? It’s the closest from here anyway. Plus you lmtotally look the part right now. Heck maybe for once I’ll pass for your bodyguard instead.

  • obidancer

    November 24, 2017 at 11:16 pm

    Deckard pressed a button and passed a voice command, and an AR display popped up, making a call to Alyce/Robyn.
    >> Hey, I found another pathetic life form too, we’re going to get some prep done tonight. What are you two up to? Care to join? Or you have some romantic dinner plans already?<<
    He turned to Isaint. So, how should we call you while you look like this?

  • adamu

    November 25, 2017 at 2:50 am

    Al pulled his ash-mud-crusted Gaz past the waxed-shiny luxury cars lining the Hilton’s rotary drive, jerking the heavy truck in front of an arriving Phaeton to snake the parking spot in front of the waiting bell staff. The bell captain was shouting and gesticulating and the limo driver was leaning on the horn, but Al noticed neither as the most ridiculous pair of sunglass on the most beautiful face in the world appeared in his dirty passenger-side window.

    He flipped the lock and she jumped up into the cab. He was away before she shut the door. He could outrun the cursing bell captain, but no matter how fast he wove through downtown traffic, he couldn’t outrun her scent – filling the cab, calling back old memories…..

    “First food. What’re ya hungry for?”

  • jack_spade

    November 25, 2017 at 10:15 am

    Hm. I look like a Johnson or Schmidt as we call them in Germany. Yeah, let’s go with Herr Schmidt. And yeah, having you as my bodyguard around here is a good idea – it’s certainly not my turf.
    But truth be told, my briefcase can be converted into a shield – some habits die hard.

    Alright, I’ve got the directions right here…”

    Those directions turned out to lead to the far edge of the container storage where an old gate in the fence had a suspiciously new maglock and number pad.
    Isaint got out and typed in the code 0451, making the gate part and allowed them to enter the maze of containers. After about 50m they noticed a container with open doors. Leaving the car, Isaint checked the number. It fit the one Torrent had given him.
    Stepping into the gloom of the 40ft. steelbox, he noticed that someone had build a staircase into this one, leading to some underground room.
    “Alright, that’s the correct address. I hope this guy is as good as Torrent said.”

    He hadn’t finished his sentence when a very old and stooped looking ork emerged from the cellar. His clothes where stained with motor and cooking grease giving the impression of having a ship’s cook in front of you.
    The old ork grinned, showing a few missing teeth: “You’s must be ’em German fellow. You’s bud Torrent warns me you’s one o’ ’em “discerning customers”. I’s The Sunkid. Stop look’ng an’ follow. Got you’s order right ‘ere.”

    Without waiting for a reply the old man opened the container next to the already open one and presented the contents.
    “I’s hope you’s flush, as ’em stuff ain’t cheap. ‘ere’s em ammo box. Ex-Ex, APSD, Gel, Flechette an’ SnS. Thigh injector wi’ ’em Lazarus mix you’s specified – medical grade o’ course. An’ ‘ere’s the rifle. Damn ‘ard ta find on short notice. Tripple bore, easy take apart an’ smartgun wi’ a smartlinked scope. Another Altmaeier SPX II an’ a Walther Secura II wi’ silencer an’ electric firing – get’s barely a whisper wi’ ’em right ammo. Loaded it meself. Assorted ‘nades – careful, ’em ain’t the latest ones.
    Backpack wi’ survival essentials an’ all ya necessary licenses – jus’ enter ’em name of choice.
    I’s haven’t got ’em car ready yet. ‘nother day or so an’ you’s can a pick’t up aroun ’em corner.
    Now let’s see ’em credstick.”

    Isaint busily checked every presented piece of gear and nodded appreciatively.
    “That seems to be all correct. Thanks.”
    No sooner had he handed over the credstick, the old man had vanished again into the cellar, pulling the door of his container closed.
    Rick’s trunk was pretty packed by the time Isaint had stashed all his gear inside.
    “I really should look into Buddhismus. Those guys seem to get along without so much gear just fine.”

  • mercy

    November 25, 2017 at 2:14 pm

    Thursday November 5th, 2077, Al’s Truck, Seattle

    Alyce can’t help but smile as she climbs into the cab of the truck, her ultrasound sensor picking out details that make this Al’s vehicle. She laughs as he roars off into the street even before she has the door shut. “Bloody hell, Al. I have missed this part of us a lot. Food? I could go for almost just about anything. Steak and mashed sounds good. Anyplace in mind?”

    When she gets buckled in, Alyce continues. “I am trying to nail down what I can find on the matrix about this place, but I want to be careful to not give any alarms.”


  • adamu

    November 25, 2017 at 2:16 pm

    “Can’t fault that. Where are you on runnin’ against Evo?”

  • mercy

    November 25, 2017 at 2:47 pm

    Thursday November 5th, 2077, Al’s Truck, Seattle

    Alyce goes quiet after Al asks his question and shakes her head. “Honestly, Al, I am torn. I have a lifetime of loyalty to EVO. Frag, they saved my life days after I was born and were guardians until………”

    Her words taper off as she relives the moment her life changed in a medical clinic in Vladivostok. “Until I left my home to come to London to track down the men who shot me and left me to die. And even since then, I have had very good relations with them. But I have always held that there are good and bad people in every organization. If this part of EVO is wrong, it should be dealt with and I will have to come to terms with any personal fallout.”


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