The King of Tel Aviv

  • gilga

    November 8, 2018 at 1:04 pm

    Not surprisingly, Roy and his two friends were following the cab. They did not do it good or anything. Amatures. Worse yet, they were not the only people following the cab, the cybered guy that drunk with the bald Russian dude Foxglove dismissed, he was following the cab as well. A bit in delay, and perhaps as he did not pay Sharon any attention – he did not link between the girl and the car.

  • foxglove

    November 8, 2018 at 2:33 pm

    “This is my surprised face,” Foxglove droned sarcastically as she watched the buzzcuts pull off after Sharon’s cab. She punched a command into her comlink, and suddenly the black Phoenix became the same color as the majority of the other cars on the streets–because there was always a common color, no matter where you went–and the license plate shifted to something different to go with the new look. The elf pulled out after the boys, keeping a decent distance and not acting too eager to get anywhere.

    Foxglove planned as she drove, putting together a general idea for the boys, then creating another plan that was a slight variation in case Baldy and Tusker Chrome were also part of this. Then she decided on a plan B, plan C, and Contingency plan for both variations.

    With those in place, Foxglove picked up her pace, passing the two following cars and the cab, but keeping them in her rear-view mirror. She needed to keep an eye on them, but she wanted to get to Sharon’s place before either of her possible targets did.


  • gilga

    November 8, 2018 at 2:58 pm

    Foxglove follows quietly after the vehiclea, attracting no attention to herself. After a short while, the cab begins to speedup, bypassing the autopilot traffic with impressive speed. Foxglove’s GPS indicates that the direction of the car is no longer to Sharon’s home, though she is unsure where the taxi is headed with such urgency.

    [url=]Speedup[/url]: 10d6t5 5
    Roll pilot ground craft+ Reaction to keep up with the taxi. 5 is keeping up, anything less you start to lose ground.

    Roy’s guys are on autopilot, they are out of the chase.
    The cybered guy will try to follow but will lose ground.
    [url=]Driving[/url]: 10d6t5 3

  • foxglove

    November 8, 2018 at 8:51 pm

    Foxglove had passed the car with Baldie and Chrometusk and was coming up on Buzzcuts when she noticed the cab increasing speed and changing direction from what was supposed to be the plotted course.

    Bingo. So it would be the contingency plan, then.

    She picked up speed, easily keeping up with the cab, only to frown in confusion when she saw it pulling into the Emergency lane of a hospital. She pulled in behind it, watching the cabby pull a twitching, spasming Sharon out of the vehicle.

    Foxglove tilted her head, eyes narrowing as her mind did a quick deduction. It couldn’t have been the patch, since she knew Bliss and Tranqu didn’t interact that way. It could have been something the cabby did, but 1. why would he then bring her to the hospital, and 2. with the ballistic glass separator between the front and back seats of the car it was highly unlikely he would have had the chance. So that left two major options: Either Sharon had a history of seizures that Fox didn’t know about, or Mr. Voodoo was trying to do something spooky to the girl.

    There was also the problem of the other cars that had been following the cab.

    Knowing she wouldn’t be able to sit in the Emergency lane for long in a normal-looking car, she took a loop around the hospital, punching a command into her comlink when she was out of sight of the Emergency Entrance to morph the car’s theme again. The paint went back to black, but this time with the Japanese flag on the sides to look like an Embassy vehicle so she wouldn’t be bothered, morphed the plates again, and tinted the windows so she couldn’t be seen.

    Foxglove came back around and parked along the curb of the Emergency lane so she could keep an eye on the door, and settled down to wait and watch. To pass the time, she pulled out the credstick Sharon had given her, looking at it more closely, now. More specifically, she was looking for a bank symbol or any other distinctive markings that might give her some idea of where it was from.


  • gilga

    November 8, 2018 at 11:03 pm

    The cabby rushes into the hospital and asks “Help me!” he rushes through the ER to a bunch of doctors… ” No, I do not know who she is… No, I cannot admit her to the ER, but the biomonitor they placed on her shows that everything is in order. She does not medically seem to be spasming… Yet she does. Fox is unaware of the drama, inside but the cab driver gets out about 20 minutes later. Alone… cursing to himself.

  • gilga

    November 8, 2018 at 11:06 pm

    The credsick is part of Discount bank, one of the smaller banks in Israel focused on the lower class. They do make platinum cards, but have very few clients interested in them.

  • foxglove

    November 9, 2018 at 1:04 am

    “Discount Bank,” was it? So this was connected to an account.

    Foxglove took her comlink and inserted the credstick, using the small device to look through what little it could get to on the stick to see what she could find. Preferably a SIN connected to the account, or at the very least a name.

    No matter what she found, the next 20 minutes were spent watching the door and watching for the other two cars, or the people in said cars, supposedly following the cab. She knew that the hospital wouldn’t let anyone just take Sharon out of the treatment ward, especially out of the ER, so she wasn’t too worried about that just yet.

    Her attention was brought back to the hospital doors as the cabby came back out by himself. No real surprise there, considering how badly the girl had been shaking the nurses probably took her in right away. Though Foxglove was a little surprised it took a full 20 minutes for the cabby to come back out, since he was probably losing money the longer he was there.

    Briefly, Foxglove thought about getting out of the car to find out what was going on. But she had a tail to catch, and it seemed like the men from before were the ones she was looking for.

    When you’re trying to track a tail, especially when something goes wrong, the best thing you can do is to stay back. You might end up watching something terrible go down and your first inclination might be to rush out and help the quarry, but if you do that you’ll end up missing the tail. The best option is to bite your tongue, sit back, and wait.

    Foxglove blinked, realizing that her inner monologue had suddenly become that of a 30-something white male from an old tridshow about a spy. She shook off the feeling, sat back, and waited, watching the door and the cars coming and going from the parking lot.


  • gilga

    November 9, 2018 at 1:45 am

    The cred-stick apparently belongs to ‘Sharon Gindi’, strangely from hearing the young woman complain about needing to pay her own bills, she knows for certain that Sharon does not have an account in discount bank. Heck, she knows plenty on the little brat which seems to know very little on Fox. Product of years of practice at not giving up too much information, while giving something to not make it one sided. While one can associate these things with any account, most people just use the credsticks of their own bank.

    The taxi remains in his cab for a short while, making an overly audible phone call bitching about his lousy situation. Perhaps 15 minutes later, Then he picks up a soldier with a broken lag in a cast and his skinny girlfriend. The taxi speeds toward its new destination unmolested, and briefly later a red Porsche stops by the ER, a well groomed man in his 30, with a very fancy Armani suit enters the ER, letting the driver park the car.

  • foxglove

    November 10, 2018 at 1:48 am

    Foxglove raised a brow in light surprise at the sight of the man in the fancy suit.

    Well…that must be Daddy Dearest. Or at least someone that worked closely with him. Foxglove’s mind did the math for her at light speed: They would ask questions, there would be an investigation, they would wonder who had put that patch on the girl and if she remembered anything from before it took effect she would be able to tell them. This would be going all sorts of sideways very soon.

    The pink and purple elf decided all this wasn’t worth the 10k, turned her Phoenix out of the hospital parking lot, and headed for the border.

    (( Foxglove–End ))

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