Reply To: IC 2077

  • foxglove

    November 19, 2018 at 5:15 pm

    “Tis I!” He announced with an entirely too-smug grin to Alessandra’s “you!” “And I am here the same as you, my darling! And you are as eloquent as ever, I see!” He added with a jovial, almost flamboyant, point and swipe of a finger. “Though I do not believe I have had the pleasure!” Ilario’s hands swept wide to include the other two men.

    “I am Ilario Dionisio de Positano.” The elf gave a sweeping bow, pausing only to lift his head to add with a smirk, “At least, that is what I am known by in this century.” He straightened again, moving to each man in turn to offer a firm shake of their hand. “And to what names might I refer you, my dear gentlemen?”