Reply To: Forbidding Aegis IC

  • gilga

    June 25, 2019 at 1:36 pm

    Dana starts with a mighty swing but is embedded in the still alive thing. In response, she activates the elemental body power becoming a blue glowing conduit of power that dissolves and burns the toad from the inside. Turning its sticky power against itself with no personal regard for her safety. While doing so she swirls and dishes jolts of electricity to the toad as much as she can.

    Shortly after she remains sticky and wet, and evidently bruised and somewhat exhausted from the strain of channeling so much magic through her still developing body. She wears a hospital gown that is not built for that level of activity, and barely stays attached to her body. it exposes her very muscular body, small breasts, and bulky legs and some worn underwear that have seen better days, and were not replaced in perhaps weeks. Her left-hand still carries the remains of some IV infusion, that she never bothered to fully take out. Her face and arms are dyed red with the blood of one of the injured children, she did not injure him herself but she took a moment to apply ‘makeup’ when she saw the pool of blood.

    She notices that there were well-armed people in the room that killed the other toad thingy. She is cautious waiting to see if they are going to shoot her as well – and Dana’s entire body is ready to spring into action. She looks at them and makes a low sound like that of a dog that tries to deter its prey from coming any closer. However, beneath her agression, she is a teenager and is confused and alone and angry to discover that she is a prisoner. She does not know how to channel such rage, and she clearly has no specific plan but to butcher whatever she feels is endangering the others.


    Dana’s elemental body does 12P -3AP each initiative pass the toad is in contact with her. In addition, she has 3-4 passes of her own… so it should not last very long. Not sure what the damage for her should be aside from drain.