Reply To: FA OoC 2

  • aria

    July 11, 2019 at 7:47 am

    Blight spray
    Al collapses the core
    Dana unconscious from Blight

    36-10 M1 stealth in to position…
    35 Ex-G Charge, miss
    32-10 M2 orders Al to drop his weapon (although why bother, nobody seems to listen)
    14-10 Batshit spots M1, goes full def, shoots, misses
    19-10 F1 Attacks Ex-G miss
    xx Al Retort
    xx Addie gets an LED light source

    16 M1 cast offensive mana barrier force 10 behind Ex-G
    25 Ex-G miss
    12 M2 ??
    xx Al prevaricates some more…

    15 Ex-G miss
    6 M1 Complex action to move the barrier…pushes at Ex-G but does 0 damage… time for plan B
    2 M2 ??

    5 Ex-G miss

    39 Ex-G miss F1
    35 M1… holding action so Jack doesn’t have to re-write his IC 😛
    22 F1 will attempt a knockdown attack on Ex-G to push him back in to the mana barrier, miss
    4 Batshit shoots at M1, 0 damage

    29 Ex-G miss F1
    12 F1 miss Ex-G

    19 Ex-G SA Influence F1…who fails to resist SA mana barrier Fc 7
    19 M1 casts Mana Static Fc 12 on the area, 8 hits reduced to 3 by counterspell/guard BC goes to 8, offensive mana barrier reduced to Fc 7 (barrier rating reduced to 5)
    2 F1 charge M1 7 hits, reduced to 2 by mage Full Def, Retractable Spur [A[Physical], R0, 11P, -2AP], no damage

    9 Ex-G Grabs Dana (how with a powerblade in one hand?)? Will need to break through the offensive mana barrier to escape…and touching it does 7P damage (no doubt will get soaked)
    9 M1 tries to levitate F1, fails due to grey armour… 😛